Overcoming Small Penis Anxiety

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There are few topics that can evoke such widespread and intense nervousness relating to penis size. Just about every man – regardless of the actual size of his penis – worries about being too small, so much so “small penis anxiety” now exists as a term. Here is what you need to know about penis size, and what to do if you are afraid your penis is smaller than normal.

The Numbers

First, let’s talk pure numbers. It’s difficult to determine the true average penis size for a variety of reasons, including reporting bias and cross-cultural differences. But a recent comprehensive review found that the average is a little over 5 inches when erect. 5.2 inches, to be exact. Most of Moorgate’s clients seem to think six or even seven inches is average, but that isn’t the case.

Penis Size Doesn’t Affect Pleasure

Now for the great news – the size of your penis also has absolutely no effect on the amount of pleasure that you are capable of feeling. Having a bigger penis doesn’t equate to feeling more pleasure during sex.  

Despite what the anxious thoughts in the back of your head might tell you, the size of your penis also has a surprisingly small effect on the small amount of pleasure your partner is capable of feeling. If you sleep with women, the size of your penis isn’t as important as you think it is. In fact, penetration isn’t the most pleasurable sexual activity for women.

The majority of nerve endings in a woman’s genitals are focused in the clitoris. There are so few nerve endings in the vaginal canal that there isn’t even a scientific tally of them. The nerve endings that the vagina does have are clustered towards the outer third of the vagina, meaning that deeper penetration doesn’t create more pleasure. Penetration itself isn’t the most pleasurable activity for women because it doesn’t create very much clitoral stimulation. In fact, 70-80% of women can’t orgasm from penetration alone.

Women can feel subtle differences between smaller and larger penises, but it’s more a matter of fullness than the length for pleasure. A larger penis doesn’t do any better of a job-creating clitoral stimulation than a smaller penis does.

Sometimes its about more than just your penis

For some men, penis size anxiety is a symptom of an underlying anxiety problem. If you find yourself worrying about your penis size on a daily basis, or if the intensity of your anxiety seems excessive, you may want to focus on daily anxiety management.

The anxiety management recommendation that is most frequently given is to practice mindfulness. Headspace is a good resource option because it actually teaches you how to be mindful, it uses a lot of very practical explanations that are easy to understand. Headspace has an introductory series that you can try for free. If you like it, you can pay a small monthly fee for more series on different topics.

If watching porn triggers penis size anxiety, you may want to take a temporary hiatus from watching. It is easy to forget that porn is meant to be entertainment, and porn actors are basically required to have large penises. If you see large penises on a daily basis, it’s easy to develop a skewed view of what is normal.

For more advice on sexual health, or if you are genuinely worried about the size of your penis, contact us today.

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