Some of the best Erectile Dysfunction Treatments

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If you have erectile dysfunction then it makes sense to want to fix it. Not everyone wants to use the same approach to fixing erectile dysfunction and there are a few options you can choose from. How you decide between erectile dysfunction treatments might depend on how quickly you want results, whether you would like a long-term solution, whether you want to train yourself into better erections, and so on. You can even combine non-medical fixes to boost your chances.

What can you do to fix erectile dysfunction?

The first choice for most people is medications called PDE-5 inhibitors – the PDE-5 inhibitors are:

  • Viagra – This is the most well-known erection medicine
  • Ciallis – This medicine is long lasting, with some men reporting that they still feel the effects a day and a half taking it. It also comes in the form of tablets that you can take daily.
  • Levitra – A similar medicine to Viagra
  • Spedra – This medicine works the quickest, with some men reporting that they feel the effects as fast as 15 minutes after taking it

Other medications are available if you find that taking PDE – 5 inhibitors didn’t suit you, such as Caverject.

Certain Lifestyle Changes Can Improve Erections

Some men find that they don’t need to do anything else to fix their erectile dysfunction. These changes include:

  • Eating a healthy diet high in fibre and low in saturated fats
  • Exercising 30 minutes a day, five times a week
  • Stopping smoking
  • Cutting down on alcohol, especially if you are about to have sex

You Should Also Have a Check-Up by your Doctor

Your doctor can review the medical conditions that you have and the medications that you are on to see whether any of these factors are causing or making your erectile dysfunction worse. Erectile dysfunction can also be a symptom of some medical problems, so it is important to discuss this with your doctor.

Counselling is Useful for Some People

Especially is their erectile dysfunction is caused by factors such as anxiety or another mental health condition.

Some Devices can Help get and Maintain an Erection

They typically do this by manipulating blood flow around the genital area. For example:

  • Vacuum devices which encourages blood flows to the penis
  • Penis rings which stop blood from flowing out of the penis
  • In extreme cases where many different erectile dysfunction treatments haven’t worked, a penile prosthesis can be used. This carries the same risks as any surgery, so it is not recommended as an early treatment option.

Combining Fixes

You can’t combine medications, but you can combine different types of treatment to increase the chances of succeeding. Also, making the lifestyle changes described above means that any other treatment that you choose is more likely to work.

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