The Increase In Popularity For Penis Enlargements In The UK

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Moorgate Aesthetics takes a look into why men in the modern UK are seeking a bigger penis.

Over 20 years from the very first operation, carried out by the ‘Viel’ brothers, have stated that business has definitely increased in this particular area. Men in Germany seemed to have topped the worldwide rankings with around 2,786 operations that were recorded in a period of 12 months.

But the founder of Moorgate Andrology, David Mills, states that these figures are actually reached in the UK, because, various well-known cosmetic surgeons based in the UK are now offering this procedure. Moorgate Aesthetics has found around a 40% increase in the amount of men that are now opting for penis enlargement procedures.

This particular centre sees men that vary in age, from their early twenties all the way to the seventies from all types of backgrounds. Compared to the past, men have become a lot more aware about the possibilities involving how to increase or widen the size of their penis.

One of the reasons for the increase and popularity associated with penile enlargements in the UK and in other countries is that pornography is far more readily available compared to recent years. This has caused many men to compare their features to the “porn industry” that often creates a feeling of inferiority and insecurity. In addition, advertisements that reveal men in underwear always seem to use models that are “bigger in size.”

While most surgeons insist that these types of procedures are virtually painless, it still necessitates at least 7 days of bed-rest, another week will very little activity and around six weeks before penetrative-sex will be able to be performed. In some cases, some patients will require additional treatments. Some issues that can arise from these procedures include absorption of the fat, formation of lumps or bumps, infections or openings in the scar tissue. These issues can be corrected with the right surgeon.

The doctors at Moorgate Aesthetics state that they are solely in the business to assist men from all walks of life in a way to increase their self-confidence levels opposed to making a profit from their patient’s insecurities. They do not claim to be psychologists or psychiatrists and they do not offer assistance from psychological aspects. However, they do relate to the fact that there are a number of men in the UK that need assistance when it comes to the size of their penises.

These procedures are said to be a significant step towards what is known as gender equality and is very similar to women and breast augmentation procedures, The organs may be different, however the mentality towards the procedures are very similar.

If you want to see how penis enlargement surgery can help you, check out our documentary  ‘The Penis Extension Clinic’  produced by BBC 3 Online and book a free consultation.

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