Will my partner know I’ve had penis enlargement surgery?

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If you are in a relationship this may be a question that is on your mind.

It may be surprising to know that many guys get penis enlargement surgery without first discussing it with their partner.

Reasons that guys give for not telling their partner include

  • It’s a private matter for me and I don’t feel the need to discuss it with her
  • If I tell my partner I’m doing it they will try to persuade me not to do it
  • Embarrassed or unwilling to disclose the cost to a partner

Of course, there are other reasons, but these seem to be the most common.

So if the surgery is going to be done without telling a partner, how can you be sure he or she won’t notice?

Well, the truth is that you can’t for sure.

The results of penis enlargement surgery can be quite spectacular in some cases. This is especially true if the length and girth results are more than the norm, which can happen in some cases.

We know that the results in most cases are quite predictable. In terms of length the flaccid length can be increased by one to two inches, and the flaccid and erect girth by one to two inches too. This can make quite a difference.

Initially, the penis will be a bit swollen, and there will be a lot of fat there for a few weeks. This can be disguised because you cannot have sex for six weeks after surgery. For some this could also present a problem as avoiding sexual activity with a partner in a sexual relationship can be tricky.

However, most men seem to be able to carry off the secret successfully. We must respect the choice of the patient every time, and we do just that. If it’s possible, it may not be a bad thing to discuss the surgery with a partner but we must always be aware of the right of privacy of the patient.

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