COVID and Penis Size

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Recent reports suggest that there could be a link between COVID-19 and penis shrinkage.

Doctors are reporting that men who suffer from penis shrinkage as a result of coronavirus may not be able to get back their pre covid size.

We know that men who suffer from erectile dysfunction often report that their penis seems to be smaller than it was.

Urologists point to the fact that the penis is like a muscle, it needs blood pumping through it to keep things working and the tissues expanded. After a period of time of a lack of sexual arousal, it can lead to penile shortening for some men.

At Moorgate Andrology we are yet to see any patients reporting a loss of penis size due to covid, but this does not mean to say it is not happening of course. Maybe in future months and years, we will see the true impact of coronavirus on penis size.

Following the report claiming that coronavirus caused a penile shortening, we will be keeping a very close eye on the situation going forward.

Men who are suffering from erectile dysfunction can get help to restore the erections back to their former glory. The first line of defence for most men is oral medications that encourage blood flow to the penis. Some are taken about one hour before sex and others on a daily basis to build up erection quality. Beyond oral medication its self-injections and ultimately penile implants when all else has failed to get natural erections back.

The phrase “ use it or lose it” certainly seems to be the case for erections, So, the takeaway message is if you are suffering from erectile dysfunction then seek help from your general practitioner or a Urologist without delay.

The same would apply if you feel that your penis has become smaller due to coronavirus.

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