When in life do men have penis enlargement surgery ?

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It would be reasonable to assume that men who have a small penis, have always had a small penis. It seems that it is in the formative teenage years that men first begin to realise that they just done ” measure up ” compared to their friends. This can have devastating consequences for a young man. It can interfere with personal relationships, obviously. In some cases men out off sexual experiences altogether because they are afraid that their Partners maybe out off by the prospect of a small penis.

When things get this bad, there is an argument that the National Health Service should step in and offer penis enlargement surgery as a solution. In cases of micro penis, a penis that never really grows from being a child, the NHS will consider such cases for surgery.

Just what counts as being a micro penis maybe open to debate. Many men feel that their penis is tiny, although the medical establishment may disagree.

If the National Health service will not offer any help, then the only thing that men can do is seek out a private penis enlargement surgery operation.

As with most things in life, two things have to come together in order to get the surgery done, one is time and the other is money. So often in life when we have the time , we dont have the money and when we have the money, we dont have the time.

It may come as a surprise that many men who choose to have penis enlargement surgery are happily married. They are in perfectly good relationships  and their choice to have the surgery is entirely a personal one. Most men who are married say that their wife does not think that they need the surgery, however it seems that the husband can never be totally sure that the wife is not just saying that to make them feel better.

Single men seem a little more reluctant to take the step to have the surgery. Lots of single men do have the surgery of course, but they take longer to make up their minds. Maybe those who are married have the support of the partner and this makes the desicion that much easier.

So, men have penis enlargement surgery at all ages. Naturally they must be at least 18 years of age, but upwards there really is no limit. Just like any other operation they will need to mass a medical and a consultation with the Penis enlargement surgeon to ensure that they are suitable for surgery.

Penis enlargement surgery is not a decision to be taken lightly. It is surgery after all. The most important thing is that men take time to come to an informed decision and do what is best for them.


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