Is Penis Enlargement Surgery detectable

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Is Penis Enlargement Surgery detectable ?


We are often asked if its possible that a Partner will be able to tell that someone has had Penis enlargement surgery.
Most men who undergo penis enlargement surgery do so with anonimity firmly in mind. They dont want to tell the world that they have had this operation, hence you dont hear of many men having it done.
Of course, hundreds of penis enlargement operations are performed every year in the United Kingdom.
There are two aspects to enlarging the penis. The first is the lengthening procedure. To make a penis longer a ligament called a suspensory ligament is cut. To access this ligament the Surgeon makes an incision in the pubic area. Normally the pubic area will disguise the sussequent scar, and because there are no incisions on the penis itself, it is difficult for anyone to cnnect this scar with a lengthening of the penis.
One word of caution here though. After penis enlargement surgery, the penis tends to hang to a lower position. The ligament that is cut also controls the stability of the penis when erect, therefore the angle of the erections can also be slightly lower as a result of the surgery.
Most men who opt to have penis enlargement surgery choose to have the penis made thicker at the same time.
This procedure involves the transfer of fat, usually from the abdomen into the penis. This procedure requires great skill from the Surgeon to ensure that the fat is distrbuted evenly along the shaft of the penis. A natural result can be obtained by not transfering too much fat at the first procedure. Usually the fat is topped up in a seperate procedure six weeks after the first operation.
Aftercare plays an important part of this procedure. The Surgeon will ask you to massage the penis afterwards to avoid lumpiness of the penis after the fat transfer. This massage is normally assisted with the use of a lubricant such as vaseline.
Sexual intercouse must be avoided for up to six weeks after the surgery. Any attempt to have sex prior to that could compromise the result.
If you are considering penis enlargement surgery and you have a steady partner, it is probably best that you explein what you are going to do before the surgery. Bruising and swelling just after the surgery is normal, and it will be difficult to disguise this from your partner for very long

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