How thick can you get my penis with surgery?

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Everyone knows it’s the penis thickness that counts in sex. Of course, you do need some length, but there is no denying that the girth of the penis is what matters most to women.

The ability to stretch the walls of the vagina is key.

Some men focus on the penis length and think that the longer the better, this is not true. Ask the sex experts, read what they say online, it’s all about the girth.

We should say that this point that if your penis is very short, say under three inches, then it might well be worth getting penis lengthening surgery. If your penis has decent length then the fat transfer aspect looks much better. This is because the surgeon has more penis shaft to work with.

When it comes to penis girth surgery, progress has been made in recent times to improve the survival rate of the fat. New purification systems mean that more of the impurities within the fat can be removed before it is injected into the penis. This is the key to fat survival in the penis and improving penis thickness.

New fat purification systems such as Lipivage have greatly improved results of surgery. Not only that, but leading Urologists are now able to transfer up to 120 ml of fat, something that was unheard of only two years ago.

Record girth increases are now being achieved of up to 2.5 inches. This extra penis girth is visible flaccid and erect.

There are some men who really want to improve penis thickness. They have very specific ideas about what would make them happy. Occasionally, these aspirations are at very high levels, and sometimes it is not possible to get them to their ideal place in one operation.

In these cases, two fat transfer procedures are performed around three months apart. In this way, the levels of fat can be built up to achieve very impressive penis girth measurements. Our Urologists report that on a second fat transfer hardly any fat is lost. Upon a first fat transfer, of course, there is always some absorption of the fat. This is normal in any fat transfer procedure.

This is less of an issue now with the volumes of fat now being injected. Just make sure that wherever you have a procedure done,  you ensure that good fat purification systems are being used and that you are getting at least 100ml of fat transferred.

In conclusion, large gains are possible in penis girth surgery. More so that at any time in the past. If you want really large gains then consider having two penis fat transfer procedures for optimum results.

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