Does penis enlargement surgery improve erect length?

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The question of flaccid and erect length of the penis is something that pops up every time penis enlargement surgery is mentioned.

Men have penis lengthening surgery for different reasons and this is the key to the whole procedure.

Most men who have lengthening surgery are concerned about their penis length when it is flaccid. So for example, they will say that they cant go to football practice anymore because they are ashamed of their penis size when getting changed with the other men. They cant help notice that all of their mates are bigger than them. For many men, the true realization that their penis is small is when they have an opportunity to compare their size with others.

When the penis is erect, it’s bigger. Therefore on erection, the penis can increase quite dramatically in size. As they say, many men are “growers” not “showers”. 

The concern usually is when the penis is flaccid.

So what can you do if you want a bigger erection?

Actually, penis lengthening surgery does make the penis longer, but only slightly. The usual increase in erect length is under one centimetre. Not a good reason to have penis lengthening surgery just for erect length alone.

However, after penis lengthening surgery, it is very important that you use a good extender device such as the Phallosan Forte. This is because it has the capacity to add erect length to the penis. It also stops the suspensory ligament from reattaching to the pubic bone after the surgery.

We should say that this point that penis girth surgery can make the penis look longer in erection. This is because the penis is bigger in any event. Nowadays up to 2.5 inches, extra girth can be obtained with penis girth surgery. This extra girth can give an illusion that the penis is longer. Also when fat is added to a penis it also adds some weight. This makes the penis hang a little lower, also making the penis look longer.

So, if it’s erect length that you want, then you do have options.

If you are considering penis enlargement surgery, and you want more information about how to get your penis longer, arrange an appointment with a qualified Urologist.

A qualified Urologist will be able to examine you and give you an idea of the likely gains in both penis length and penis girth in your particular case.

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