Are you too old for penis enlargement?

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Often when performing surgery, there can be age limitations on a procedure. However, for most men, as long as you are healthy and in a stable condition with no afflictions that may hinder surgery, age will not be a problem.

The youngest age you should attempt to undergo a surgical procedure to enlarge your penis is at the very minimum, 18 or older. This is because you need to give your body time to complete puberty and develop into maturity which means your penis may still be in the stage of growth and your body has not yet finished transitioning into adulthood.

There is no maximum age for penis enlargement surgery. Whether you are 30 or 70, nothing is keeping you from undergoing a penis enlargement procedure as long as you are in good health and a sound mind. Recovery times may increase for older patients, but there should be no complications regarding surgery or non-surgical penis enlargement procedures.

Penis enlargement has been around for a long time. It has a strong history of scientific advancement and practice, including multiple methods of increasing penis size such as exercises, using tools and weights, surgery and injections.

In 2013, ABC news reported that porn king Larry Flynt opened up about the fact that he had penis implant surgery and received a penile implant to continue his sex life into his older age after being paralysed in an unsolved sniper shooting.

In the same article, ABC News also reported on a man called Erik who in 2008 at the age of 51 had a penile implant after injections wore off and erectile dysfunction medication had little to no effect. Similarly, a man named Martin who at the age of 64 had surgery for a penile implant and now has a happy, active sex life with his wife.

Penile implantation surgery can be conducted at any time in a man’s life as an option to increase erection reliability and to gain growth in both girth and length. While there are also non-surgical options available such as injections, a penile implant is a much longer lasting robust solution.

So, it just goes to show that you are never too old for penis enlargement surgery.

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