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The Anxieties Around Penis Size

penis size

Many men worry about their penis size from the age of puberty. What is the normal size penis? Is my penis big enough? Will my girlfriend think I’m too small?

We have created some answers to frequently asked questions about penis size that we thought might help some men.


Can I still have sex with a small penis?

Many men lead happy sex lives even if their penis is small. In some cases if the penis is extremely small it can be difficult for the man to penetrate his partner in certain sexual positions. If the penis is very small then help may be sought to seek a solution either in the form of counselling or treatment to increase the penis size.

Do women prefer a large penis?

Many studies have been done on what women want when it comes to penis size. Recent studies such as the Moorgate Andrology study using “The Mills Scale” indicate that size does matter to many women. This study asked 180 women the size that they prefer with some interesting results. Of all those that undertook the study not one wanted a smaller size than what their partner currently had.

Can a penis be made larger?

There are surgical and non-surgical options to enlarge a penis. Surgery can increase the  flaccid length of a penis by up to 2 inches.  In terms of penis girth a fat transfer can increase the thickness by up to 2 and a half inches. Other procedures available include penis enlargement injections which temporarily increase penis girth. Non-surgical options also include penis extenders which gradually increase penis size over the long term and with consistent use.

Is sex better with a large penis?

This is open to debate. Recent studies suggest that women do seem to prefer a larger penis than a smaller one. As for men, this is all about being confident with your size. Men come for penis enlargement surgery and penis enlargement injections because they are not happy with their current penis size and lack confidence when it comes to sex. If making the penis larger gives that self-confidence a boost, then it can be worth it. A happy sexual relationship however is more than just about penis size perhaps.

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