Top 3 Penis Pumps

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As soon as you get to that point in life where you begin worrying about your penis size, it can definitely flatten your self-esteem. No guy wants to accept the idea that their cock is small and it’s nonetheless a very taboo subject for boys to deal with. After all, who wants to confess of their “size” problem. If you have been searching online for some time now for a solution to your modest pecker, you may have already stumbled upon male sexual products. You may have questions on its effectiveness, use, and type.

Of course, it’s important to understand that solving the issues you have in your sex life should be the main goal, so obviously, you want to know if such devices can provide the help you need to achieve harder erections and a bigger cock. So, here are our top 3 penis pumps.

#3: HydroMax X-Series Penile Pump

Hydromax X-Series comes at the top in my reviews since it’s proved in research by a team of scientists and feedback by users that it can help you improve the dimensions and can preserve the penile erection for a long period.

It’s authorised by healthcare doctors and can even help you fight Peyronie’s disease. A reasonably priced penis growth device, the Hydromax X-Series is one of the top male sex products preferred by many men. Think about it, the pump is convenient to use, whether you are in the shower and taking a bath. The device comes handy as you prepare in the morning.

The product has undergone a number of improvements to meet the needs of the times. This is not the only a water penile pump brand by Bathmate, but it comes in a series of pumps that vary in dimensions and tension. The Hydromax pumps are much like the other brand, however, the overall construction is different.

#2: Hydromax Xtreme

You can also try an extreme variation of the Hydromax. The Hydromax Extreme includes a ball and hand pump for a completely customised pressure. If you are serious about real results, you can use the Hydromax Xtreme Series. The Hydromax Xtreme is a lot more like an improvement of the Hydromax X-Series. When you get the Hydromax Xtreme Series, you will be getting a portable case. This has adequate space to place your device and its accessories.

Additionally, it has a unique lock, that means your pump will be secure and no one can see it. The kit also comes with a shower strap that you can use in the shower, without the need of holding it. You will also get a cleaning set, specifically made for cleaning the Hydromax Xtreme pump. It’s vital that you clean the pump, to ensure that it stays free from microorganisms, smudge, and dirt. Other extras that come in the package includes measure gauge plus lube.

#1: Penomet Penile Pump

The Penomet is a scientifically tested and top-rated penis pump unveiled in 2011. If you get the premium package, you get five different power gaiters, which means you can start having a lighter pressure but be able to boost the intensity as you start increasing the size.

Within a good price range, the Penomet Pump has been in the industry for a long time and has earned a positive reputation because of the incredible results it brings. Penomet can be considered an advanced masturbator, but it’s a more viable function is to induce penile growth.

This phenomenal male advancement product has received SGS ISO 9000 certification, and in 2012 was awarded as “Best Moorgate Andrology” device. These certifications and awards are not easy to get because the product is required to successfully pass extensive impartial testing to ensure that it indeed provides on what it promises.

If a penis pump isn’t for you then get in touch with us to book a consultation so that you can discuss the treatment options we have available.

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