Is there a penis enlargement surgery that works effectively?

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Men who seek penis enlargement surgery are often looking for much more than a larger penis. Most patients are trying to improve their confidence and feel comfortable with their bodies.

These are some of the lesser-noted positives associated with penis enlargement surgery – aside from a larger penis.

But for men who have already tried penis enlarging pills, lotions, and vacuum pumps, a true solution for a shorter-than-desired penis can seem out of reach.

So, is penis enlargement surgery an effective way to increase the size of the penis, or is this a misconception?

What results can you expect with penis enlargement surgery at Moorgate?

At Moorgate Andrology, we provide penis enlarging surgeries that work.

Be it increasing length, girth, or both, our expert urologists have the experience and track record you need to provide an effective penis enlargement solution.

To learn about the results you could expect from your penis lengthening surgery, you will need to attend a consultation, where your personal urologist will:

  • Ask you what you would like to achieve with surgery
  • Discuss the types of surgeries and their suitability for you
  • Explore the benefits and risks of the penis enlargement surgery of your choice
  • Explain the expected results based on your body and the type of surgery chosen

What does penis enlargement surgery involve?

80% of patients who come to Moorgate choose to have their penis lengthened and thickened at the same time, reducing the need for return visits and extra surgery and recovery.

During your consultation, your urologist will fully explain any procedures you opt for and may use imagery and models to ensure you know exactly what to expect.

Outlined below is an overview of our most common procedures.  

Penis lengthening surgery

If you opt for penis lengthening surgery with Moorgate, you will undergo what is commonly referred to as ligamentous surgery.

This involves severing the suspensory ligament which is attached to the penis at one end and the pubic bone at the other.

Doing so allows the penis to slide forward and drop down to a lower position, giving an increased length in the flaccid state.

After this procedure, 95% of men gain 1-2 inches and 5% gain less than 1 inch or slightly more than 2 inches.

After 6 weeks of healing, patients will then start to use a penile extender – which if worn for around 1-2 hours for 12 months – can result in a gain of 1 inch when erect.

Penis girth surgery

If penis fillers are no longer a viable option, you may choose to opt for penis girth surgery.  This is something we see frequently, as around 35% of our patients who routinely came in for hyaluronic acid penis fillers will choose to opt for a permanent, girth-increasing surgery instead.

The procedure is straightforward and involves transplanting good-quality body fat from the inner thighs or abdomen into the penis after it has undergone a stringent purification process.

This cleansing process removes dead cells, blood, and other debris from the fat and allows for the purified fat to increase the girth of the penis shaft.

Thanks to individual absorption rates, most patients will lose 30-50% of the transferred fat within the first 6-8 weeks. However, as your surgeons will transfer the maximum amount of fat your penis can take, patients can expect to see a difference in both the flaccid and erect penis girth.

Even allowing for the loss thanks to absorption, after healing, patients can expect to retain on average 1 inch of extra girth, and in individual cases, it could be even more.

Is penis enlargement surgery safe?

As with any procedure that involves a general anaesthetic, there are risks. However, here at Moorgate Andrology, we will do everything we can to minimise risks to our patients.

These actions include:

  • Fully considering patient health during consultation – if, for whatever reason, it is not safe for you to undergo surgery and we cannot make it safe, we never risk surgery.
  • Carefully and thoroughly review your medical history and current conditions as they can influence your ability to have treatment under anaesthetic.
  • Checking any medications you take for contraindications that may occur with anaesthetics or during the procedure itself – we will then advise that you either stop taking the problematic medication or advise that you seek alternate medications if you must continue to take them.
  • Carrying out thorough pre-surgery checks, including blood tests and ECGs (electrocardiograms). These tests give surgeons the information they need to keep you healthy and safe before, during, and after surgery.
  • Only employing experienced professionals – including urologists who have experience with genital surgeries and appropriate anaesthetists, which means you can trust your surgical team to cope with any eventuality during surgery.
  • Performing surgery in private hospitals registered with the CQC (Care Quality Commission) to ensure proper standards of healthcare are upheld at all times.

All of these pre-emptive actions make performing penis enlargement surgeries safe for patients, give patients peace of mind, and help maintain our impressive reputation. Explore our five-star testimonials from past patients as part of your research before booking your consultation.

Contact Moorgate Andrology for safe, effective penis enlargement surgery that works

For the very best in andro/urological penis enlargement surgery, contact the experts.

Not only can we guarantee that you and your procedure will be harmless and permanent, but you can choose from one of our nationwide locations, reducing the necessary travel time.

For more information on penis enlargement surgery, you can fill in our confidential contact form or find your nearest location and give them a quick call. Our friendly, trustworthy patient services team are ready to take your call.  

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