Penis Enlargement Surgery Process

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Penis enlargement surgery is a surgical procedure to increase either the flaccid length of the penis or the flaccid and erect girth of the penis. In most cases, men choose to enlarge both the flaccid length and flaccid and erect penis girth at the same time for maximum results.

  • Make it longer

By dividing a ligament called the suspensory ligament it is possible to increase the penis length between one and two inches. Most men can achieve these gains, with about 5 % of men achieving slightly more or slightly less than the average.

  • Make it wider

Many men want to increase their penis girth, even more so than want to increase their penis length. Those that choose to increase length and girth together choose a fat transfer to increase penis girth. This is because just like the lengthening procedure, a penis girth fat transfer is considered permanent. Fat is taken from the inner thighs and lower belly and is purified to remove blood, oils, and dead cells. Then the pure fat cells are transplanted into the penis shaft. This procedure will make the penis thicker by one to two inches in the flaccid and erect girth, depending on the initial absorption rate in the first three months. The fat that remains gets its own blood supply and at that point is permanent.

Do I need penis enlargement surgery?

Some people think it’s just people who want a bigger penis who get enlargement surgery but there can be some medical reasons to get the procedure.

  • If you have a micro penis

A micro penis is a very distressing condition for any man. If the penis is a micro penis then it may be physically impossible,or very difficult,  to achieve penetration. What’s more, it can cause severe emotional and mental issues with many men putting off personal relationships due to the embarrassment of the condition. Thankfully, help is at hand and surgery can be performed to help increase the penis size both in the flaccid length and flaccid and erect girth. A traction device can also be used over one year to help with further size gains. If you have a micro penis then a consultation and examination with our Urologist is very important to put together a plan for you based on your needs. 

  • If you have a buried penis

A buried penis can be the result of excess skin in the scrotum or sometimes excess pubic fat. A buried penis can be treated to make the penis look longer and thicker. Issues with extra supra pubic fat or excessive scrotal skin can also be addressed, and often are, at the same time as the penis enlargement. In such cases, improvements can be made which are permanent and become life-changing for many men suffering from buried penis.

Enlargement surgery can restore function

A penis enlargement surgery is a cosmetic surgery procedure to make the penis longer in flaccid length and thicker in both the flaccid and erect girth. However, penis enlargement surgery does not have any impact on erectile function. The erection quality after the surgery is the same. This is because the erection strength is reliant on blood flow to the penis, penis enlargement surgery has no impact on the quality of the erection. If you suffer from erectile dysfunction this can be treated usually without surgery. When all non-surgical procedures have been exhausted a surgical procedure using a penile implant can be used to correct the erectile dysfunction but it will not enlarge the penis.

The Penis Enlargement Surgery Process


What happens before your procedure?

Everything starts with a consultation with the Urologist. This is essential to assess your suitability for the procedure. At the consultation, the Urologist will explain how the surgery works and the results that you can expect from the penis enlargement surgery. He will also explain the potential risks and complications. If you decide you would like to proceed with the surgery then our Patient care team will get to work and make all of the arrangements with the hospital. You will be sent all of the information you need by email about the procedure. Our patient care team guides you every step of the way

What health checks are made?

As part of the pre-assessment process you may require some tests. In most cases, this is no more than a standard MRSA swab test which is sent to you through the post about one week before the procedure. Some patients prefer to go to the laboratory for this test rather than have the test come in the post, either option is fine.

If you have a health condition other tests may be required, such as blood tests, chest x-ray or ECG. The patient care team will advise you which tests will be required and they will make all the arrangements for you. You can do things to help prepare yourself for surgery such as stopping smoking six weeks before and six weeks after the surgery. Cutting down on alcohol can also help. Be sure to tell the patient care team of any medications you are taking and any health conditions you have, however minor they may seem.

Other medical assessments include a telephone consultation with our Nurse and a consultation with our Psychologist ( zoom consultation ). You do not pay any extra for these assessments, they are all part of your pre-operative assessment.

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Are there different types of penis enlargement procedures?

The most popular way to increase penis size is the so-called “length and girth”procedure. This is a surgical procedure to increase the flaccid length of the penis and the flaccid and erect girth. Most men will choose this option because they want permanent results. The other option, which has become popular in recent years, is the use of hyaluronic acid fillers to increase the penis girth in the flaccid and erect state. These are medically proven to increase penis size and differ from the pills and potions sold online claiming to do the same,

Penis enlargement surgery is a two-part procedure performed at the same time. To increase the flaccid length of the penis a ligament is divided called a suspensory ligament. This ligament is attached to the penis and the pubic bone and it has a role in keeping the penis up when it is erect. When the ligament is divided it slides the penis forward by one to two inches typically. The angle of the erection changes slightly but not enough to affect sexual performance.  The girth is increased by taking fat from the belly and inner thighs and purifying it before injecting it into the shaft to thicken it. This will increase both the flaccid and erect penis girth. Six weeks postoperatively a penis extender is used to help increase the erect girth over the following six to twelve months

Penis fillers are another option to increase penis girth without surgery. They are popular with men who do not have the extra budget for surgery or perhaps don’t want a surgical procedure. They are performed on an outpatient basis, and there is no need to take time off work. They also have a faster recovery compared to the surgery option. Local anaesthetic is injected at the base of the penis to numb it and then the filler is injected into the shaft. The results are instant. The penis may also look slightly longer due to the weight of the filler on the shaft. Over time, the filler will absorb and most patients have a top-up treatment at around 18 months. At this time there is usually around half of the filler remaining, so the top-up treatments cost less because less filler is needed to bring back the bigger size again.


What’s the aftercare process following the penis enlargement surgery?

The first rule after penis enlargement surgery is that there is no sexual activity, strenuous exercise for six weeks. It takes time for everything to settle down. If you have a sedentary job then two to three days is usually enough time of work. If your job is more physical then one to two weeks off work maybe required. You will need a course of antibiotics for one week and you will be provided with pain relief medication, although it is not considered a painful procedure. There will be a massage regime to start after the surgery for a few weeks. Four or five times a day for one minute each time. This is to keep the shape nice and symmetrical as the fat beings to break down in the first few weeks.

How long will everything take to heal?

A period of six weeks should be allowed for everything to settle down before the final result will be revealed. The penis will look awkwardly thick at the beginning because eof the volume of fat injected into the shaft ( to allow for the absorption). There will also be a little bit of swelling and bruising which takes a few weeks to settle in most cases.

When will you get your sexual function back?

It is very important that you avoid sexual activity for six weeks after penis enlargement surgery. This is because the penis is undergoing changes as the fat break down and having sex too soon can cause the fat to move resulting in an uneven shape. All sexual activity includes masturbation. Erections will happen in the first few weeks after the surgery and these are a good thing. Some men worry about getting an erection after penis enlargement surgery but there is no need to worry. When you get an erection blood flows into the penis which promotes healing.

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Are there any risks with the penis enlargement surgery process?

Like any procedure there are some risks involved with penis enlargement surgery however the risks of this surgery are minimal – especially with our specialist surgeons who can guide your procedure and recovery.

As with all surgery, there is always a risk of post-operative infection, even though you will be taking antibiotics. The risk of infection is about 1%, so its very unlucky if this happens. If you get an infection this will need to be treated.

You should expect some bruising on the belly and inner thighs where the fat was taken from. Most men report that this is the most sore area, not the penis itself. This will settle in the following weeks.

Sometimes small lumps of fat can appear as the fat breaks down in the first few weeks. The massage regime post-operatively usually takes care of smoothing these out. Where stubborn lumps remain these will need to be treated in the outpatient clinic in the weeks after the surgery. 

Due to the volume of fat injected into the penis, it is normal for the foreskin to be quite tight in uncircumcised men. This is normal and settles in the first few weeks after surgery. There is a very rare complication, less than 1%, where the foreskin does not retract fully over the glans after the surgery, and in such cases, a circumcision will be required, but again this is extremely rare.

We’ve written about whether or not penis enlargement surgery is dangerous before. 

If you’re interested in penis enlargement surgery, then our simple 4 step process can get you the results you want.

Step 1:  Think about what you really want

Think about what exactly you want to achieve from penis enlargement surgery. Do you want to increase the length of your penis, or the girth of your penis? Or, like most of our patients, would you like to do both?

Even if you’re not sure, don’t worry – our team will sit down with you and explain everything about the different options and packages available.

Step 2: Get in touch with us

Give us a call and speak to one of our friendly and knowledgeable Patient Co-ordinators. They will be able to tell you all about the surgery, including costs and ways to pay, dates available for the surgery, and your choice of hospitals.

Taking this step is perhaps the hardest part, but once you have, you can rest assured that you’re in great hands. Contact us in complete confidence today.

Step 3: The consultation

This is a crucial step, where you’ll find out what the surgery can achieve for you. This will involve a consultation with a fully qualified Specialist Urologist. The consultation will take place in one of our centres, in either London or Preston.

If you aren’t close to one of these centres, we also offer Zoom video consultations with a Urologist. These consultations are a great way to discuss your personal requirements from the comfort of your own home.

The consultation takes around half an hour, and you’ll have the opportunity to ask any questions directly to the Specialist who will perform the procedure.

Step 4: Book the surgery

Our Patient Co-ordinators will be able to tell you the dates available for your surgery. We have our whole 2022 schedule available now, so whenever you would like to plan your surgery, we can fit it around your own schedule.

We also have lots of weekend operating dates – many of our patients prefer a weekend slot to save using up holidays from work.

With us, you have a choice of hospitals for your surgery, in Harley Street London and in Preston (north of Manchester).

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