Penis Enlargement Injections: Frequent questions

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Are penis enlargement injections safe? 

Although all injectable treatments carry risk, penis enlargement injections are considered low risk. It is important that the injections are administered by a trained healthcare professional, usually a Doctor with experience in Urology. Having a trained healthcare professional carrying out the treatment minimises risks. The Doctor will want to assess your medical history as part of the pre-treatment assessment. This ensures hat if there are any contraindications to treatment, these can be addressed before any treatment is undertaken.


Are penis enlargement injections affordable?

Penis enlargement injections are less costly initially than a fat transfer to the penis for example. However, because penis enlargement fillers don’t last forever you need to be prepared for top up treatments at intervals of between 1 and  4 years. Penis enlargement injections are usually charged by the amount of dermal filler injected. These come in small syringes of about 1ml in volume. Typically between 10 and 15ml of filler will be used on the first treatment. Top up treatments do cost less as patients generally have at least some of the filler remaining when they return for more.


How long will it take to recover from penis enlargement injections?

One of the advantages of penis enlargement injections is the fast recovery. These are walk in and walk out treatments. Remember, they are the same products that are used in volumising the face, filling in facial lines and wrinkles. However, it is advised not to engage in sexual activity for up to four weeks after treatment as in the first two weeks the filler can migrate. But most men can return to work the next day.


How does the Hyaluronic acid penis enlargement injection work?

Hyaluronic acid exists in the body naturally in small quantities. It works by plumping up fine lines, wrinkle and depressions in the skin. More recently Hyaluronic acid has become popular to restore lost volume in the face. It is the same type of filler that is used to increase volume in the penis. The body naturally breaks down Hyaluronic acid over time and repeat treatments are needed about once a year, depending on the type of product injected.

How does the collagen-stimulating penis enlargement injection work?

Collagen-stimulating fillers have become very popular in recent months to increase penis girth. It works by stimulating new collagen production in the tissues. It is successful in doing this in the face (where it is mostly used) and it works very well in the penis. It does not last forever, so top up treatments are required at periodic intervals, but the exact time of the top-ups depends on the type of collagen stimulator used. At the moment longevity options range from 1 to  4 years.

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