How to Look After your Penis Enlargement Injections

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One of the main questions we are asked by patients after their injection is how to look after their penis enlargement injection for the first couple of weeks post procedure. Let’s discuss what you need to do now in our latest blog.

Avoid Intercourse for up to 4 weeks

This is one of the most obvious points we can make when it comes to the post procedure period. Having sex within these four weeks can lead to a number of issues developing with the injection. The main reason we believe that the patient should leave it for up to 4 weeks is so that the dermal filler has more time to be able to settle down.

Massage the Penis

In the immediate aftermath of the procedure the doctor will show you how to massage the shaft of your penis after having the procedure. Now the main reason for this is to be able to find any minor lumps or bumps along the penis. This is a common occurrence that can be modelled out within the first week or two after treatment.

Avoid the Gym for up to 2 weeks

Once again, just like with intercourse you need to avoid going back to the gym for at least 2 weeks. Going to the gym within these two weeks will once again just like intercourse cause complications with the dermal filler settling down post procedure. So, try and refrain from any physical activity which causes strain on the body within these two weeks.

So, there are a few ways that you can ensure that your penis enlargement injection is well looked after post procedure. Just make sure to follow these tips and you will be back to your normal lifestyle both physically and sexually in no time.

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