Are you being sized up on the beach this summer?

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Is it an old wives tale, or is there some truth in it? You must have heard of this old chestnut. Some say that if you have big feet then it means you must have a big penis. I am not sure about that.

There is no doubt though that if you are heading for the coast this summer, you might find yourself on the other end of a competition between the girls sun bathing on the beach. Be careful, because as you pass by they might just be sizing you up against the guys that have just walked past before you.

It’s a game that many young (and not so young) ladies play as they bronze themselves on the beaches.

If you are wearing those infamous “budgie smugglers” then they might not need to try too hard to see exactly what you are packing. If budgie smugglers are your thing then the chances are you are pretty well endowed. After all, you wouldn’t want to wear those if you all you have is a “chick in the nest”, if you see what I mean.

If you are like many guys then you will probably be sporting swimming shorts. These give the girls a bit more to think about.  If you are just coming out of the sea then they hug a bit more, and it’s just as easy to size you up as the budgie smugglers, but less easy as you stroll along the beach in dry shorts.

Then of course you may “bare all” and head for one of the European nudist beaches. All shapes and sizes can be found there, and we are not just talking about penises. There is no doubt though that big or small, many are prepared to bare all and be shameless.

At this time of the year we see a big increase in the number of guys heading to Moorgate for penis enlargement injections. Many are young guys heading off to warmer climates and they want to look their best, in all departments. Penis enlargement injections are easy to get done, so they tend to come for treatment about a month or two before the holiday.

When you are on the beach this year, just be aware that the guy looking as though nature was very kind to him, could be hiding a secret and be another customer of Moorgate.

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