Snapped Banjo String? How to Fix a Frenulum Tear

Snapped Banjo String
Snapped Banjo String Snapped Banjo String? How to Fix a Frenulum Tear

How to a fix a torn frenulum (banjo string)

Here at Moorgate Andrology, we are being met with increasing instances of men suffering a torn frenulum, or as it’s more commonly referred to – a ‘snapped banjo string’. The frenulum is a small fold of skin tissue that is found on the underside of the penis and connects the foreskin to the shaft. This blog post tells you all you need to know if you happen to have a frenulum tear, and what you should do next.

What are the causes of a torn frenulum?

The causes of a torn frenulum are pretty common and can happen to anyone who has sexual intercourse, masturbates or pulls their foreskin back so much that they surpass the frenulum’s natural level of resistance.

A tear can easily happen during intercourse – especially if the sex is particularly enthusiastic! A snapped frenulum can cause pain and bleeding, which can be distressing for the individual concerned, but try not to panic.

How long does a torn frenulum last for?

Any bleeding should quickly subside, and the tissue will start to repair itself over time. Unfortunately, you may experience some aching pain for the next few days, depending on the severity of the tear. But, as long as you avoid any vigorous activity and keep it regularly treated by keeping it dressed in a fresh bandage and avoiding any vigorous, the injury should heal itself within a week.

When can I next have sex or masturbate?

If you have a snapped frenulum then you should refrain from sexual activities involving your penis to allow this to heal naturally. Depending on the severity of the tear this period could last from a week to several months.

You should avoid sexual activity until you feel confident your frenulum has completely healed, and it’s important to be aware that your frenulum will be weaker as a result of a tear – making subsequent tears more likely.

What should I do if my snapped banjo string doesn’t heal?

In some cases, you may find that your tear isn’t healing or that repeat tears are becoming more and more frequent. If this is the case, we recommend discussing the benefits of a Frenuloplasty, with our experts here at Moorgate Andrology. Our team of surgeons can loosen the frenulum, making it easier to pull back and eliminating any pain, discomfort and the chance of repeat injuries.

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