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Penile Implants FAQ: Part 2

penile implants

How does the malleable implant work?

The Coloplast Genesis Malleable Implant is prepared with a custom fit to give you a natural and reliable erection. The implant is concealed within your body and does not require inflation. Instead, you bend the penis upwards to the desired angle of erection and can maintain the erect position for as long as you want. You can still orgasm and maintain sensation in your penis during intercourse. You can even continue with sexual intercourse after orgasm should you or your partner desire.


How does the inflatable implant work?

The Coloplast Titan Touch Implant is an inflatable implant. It is prepared with a custom fit to give you a natural and reliable erection when you need it through the inflation of the device. After surgery, the surgeon will deflate the device, and between four and six weeks after surgery, your surgeon will see you again and show you how to inflate and deflate the device yourself. Just inflate the penis implant before intercourse and then when you are finished, deflate the implant.  The penis will maintain a natural appearance when flaccid, and so you will not have to worry about your partner discovering your implant without you informing them of the procedure.


How long does the penile implant surgery take?

The penile implant surgery lasts for approximately one hour if you are undergoing surgery for the Coloplast Genesis Malleable Implant, or roughly between one and one and a half hours if you are undergoing surgery for the Coloplast Titan Touch Implant.


Am I asleep for the penile implant surgery?

As the penile implant surgery is a surgical procedure, you will be placed under general anaesthetic by a professional Moorgate Andrology Uro/Andrologist expert in a Care Quality Commission registered hospital who has been trained in the use of general anaesthetic for the duration of the surgical procedure.


How long do penile implants last for?

Penile implants can last for an extended period after your surgery. However, you will not need to worry about how long your penile implant will last for if you undergo a Coloplast procedure as both our Coloplast Titan Touch Implant and our Coloplast Genesis Malleable Implant benefit from the Coloplast lifetime replacement policy. Should you require new implantation, your patient care coordinator will be able to arrange a new consultation for you where you will be given the available options for further surgery and implant replacement.


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