Moorgate Gold Penis Enlargement Filler

Moorgate Gold HA Filler

Moorgate Gold is the latest addition to the Moorgate Penis filler range, and it looks set to be the most popular option very shortly.

Moorgate Gold penis filler offers superb, long-lasting results of around one year at a highly competitive price of only £175 per ml.

What’s more, with Moorgate Gold you get a free top-up treatment six to eight weeks later.

Why Moorgate Gold?

The aim of all patients when choosing a penis filler is to find quality, longevity of results and value.

Moorgate Gold gives you all three. This CE-marked dermal filler lasts up to two years, the longest possible duration of any hyaluronic acid to the penis. In terms of value, it represents the very best value in the UK at only £175 per ml and with a free top-up treatment. There is no other penis filer that lasts if Moorgate Gold at this low price.

Moorgate Andrology is the only penis enlargement provider to give their patients a free top-up treatment six to eight weeks after the initial treatment.

Moorgate Gold penis filler will increase the girth of your penis in both the flaccid and erect state.

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    How much filler should I choose?

    Most patients start between 10 and 15 ml of filler in the first treatment. The ultimate increase in girth depends on the amount of filler injected and your penis length. If you have a long penis, it will take more filler to reach the same point as someone with a very short penis. Moorgate Gold is superb value with affordable choices at 10 or 15ml. Don’t forget the free top up treatment too

    Most patients achieve a one to two cm increase in penis girth with around 10 ml of Moorgate Gold filler. Results will vary from patient to patient, but the beauty of this treatment is that you can see the increase in your penis size in real-time as the treatment is being performed. You can always choose to have more filler on the day or call back another day for more filler if you want the penis even thicker.

    Moorgate Gold Penis filler

    What are the alternatives?

    Our other two penis fillers, Moorgate Premium and Moorgate Platinum also offer high-quality fillers with good duration. They also offer free top-up treatments, but they are more expensive than the Moorgate Gold filler, which at the moment is the best penis filler value in the UK.

    The other option is to consider the Moorgate penis fat transfer. This is the permanent option to increase penis girth between one and two inches both in the flaccid and erect state. This procedure costs more than penis filler (£6995) but is much cheaper than any penis filler over the medium to long term.

    For more information about Moorgate Gold penis filler, or to book a treatment get in touch today.

    Moorgate Gold Penis enlargement filler

    Moorgate Gold FAQs

    Can I finance the Moorgate Gold filler?

    Interest-free finance is available for up to £5000 over one year with no deposit required. Now you can spread the cost of Moorgate Gold penis filler, making it even more affordable.

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