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Collagen-stimulating penis enlargement injections

The collagen-stimulating filler is uniquely different. It uses the power of your own collagen to increase the size of your penis. What’s more, the results are gradual over the weeks and months after your treatment. As your new collagen grows you will see lasting results with a thicker penis both flaccid and erect. Even from day one, the gel carrier within the filler will give you immediate penis girth enhancement.

Will it suit me?

Moorgate Andrology have more experience with collagen-stimulating penis enlargement than any other clinic or institution in the UK, fact.

We believe our experience with the filler puts us in the perfect position to carefully select the right patients for this treatment.

Our experience shows that if you are over 45 and looking for a long lasting result with aspects of penis rejuvenation, this could be a perfect choice for you.

The collagen filler is a thicker material than Hyaluronic acid. This makes it ideal if your penile skin has become a bit more wrinkled with age. The thicker consistency of the filler can help achieve better looking penile skin, a firmer feel to the penis when it matters and the well-known benefits of collagen stimulation.

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Safety record

The collagen-stimulating filler has an excellent safety record. It has a long history of being injected into the face to correct facial lines and wrinkles and provide restorative volume to the cheeks.

It is a totally natural product; non-animal, non-human derived, non-bacterial product.

The product is a permanent filler for a specific duration. The most popular choice of the range is one of the longest lasting options with a duration of around four years. You should remember however that as a permanent filler it is not reversible as is Hyaluronic acid which can be broken down with an enzyme immediately.

How long does treatment take ?

The treatment takes between one and two hours depending on the amount of filler injected. Most men have between 10 and 15ml at their first treatment. These amounts give increases in penile girth of between 2 and 5 cm which will be visible both flaccid and erect. The exact increase in girth varies depending on the amount injected and the length of your penis.

Who performs the treatment?

All Moorgate treatments are performed by Urology Doctors. These Doctors have special training in genital procedures and have an in depth knowledge of the anatomy. Always choose a urology Doctor for your penis enlargement treatments and you can be assured of being treated by an appropriately trained and experienced professional.

What does it cost?

The collagen-stimulating filler costs £370 per ml injected. If you are suitable for this treatment it will work out considerably cheaper over a four year term than Hyaluronic acid. This is one of the main reasons it has become so popular with the over 45s.

At Moorgate we have an ever growing gallery of before and after photos of previous treatments. If you add yours to the gallery then we give you a Complimentary 1ml of the filler as a thank you. You can take a look at some of our Ellanse treatments by clicking the gallery link here.

Moorgate Andrology |Experts in Male Cosmetic Surgery


  • At Moorgate Andrology we use the newest version of the product which we have had tremendous success with. We will not compromise on quality and safety.
  • We are the most experienced users of collagen-stimulaters for penis fillers in the UK as we use collagen-stimulating certified Urology doctors.


“Decided on the collagen-stimulating injection as this is a bit longer lasting than HA. Very pleased with result so far.” – Quinton Lodge

“I’d recommend the thickening injections, I really didn’t fancy the surgery but after having the new version of injections a day later it was amazing.” – Harvey Preston

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