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Moorgate was the first name in penis enlargement injections in the UK. Others have followed since, but Moorgate still retains the edge in the very latest techniques for superior results every time. Our techniques are unique to us and are the reason why discerning men choose us and return to us for their penis thickening injections.

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How is the Moorgate treatment Different?

We use a unique and highly skilled combination of a cannula injection technique and injecting only when the penis is flaccid. This gives superior results. Immediately after the treatment, you will see just how good your penis looks.

What is the cannula technique?

Most clinics will inject your penis with needles. This is considered by top aesthetic Doctors as an outdated model. It is also considered outdated in facial aesthetic injections where almost all the leading aesthetic Doctors use a cannula instead of a needle.
A cannula has a blunt tip rather than a sharp needle and does not require repeated “ stabs” that you have with a needle, only one or two entry points. Because it has a blunt tip, there is almost no bruising compared to the usual level of bruising encountered in the penis after injection with needles. It is also considerably safer.
Aesthetically the results are far superior with less risk of lump and bump formations, so commonly associated with injection with needles.
In the beginning, of course, everyone injected with a needle. Our Doctors have sworn that they will never go back to injections with a needle and that a fact endorsed by many of our Patients who come to us from other clinics after needle treatments.

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