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Penis Enlargement Injections (HA) – Post Treatment Advice


Hyaluronic acid injections

  • Avoid alcohol until you have completed your course of antibiotics
  • You may notice some bruising and swelling following your treatment. This should settle down in around one week.
  • Avoid heavy exercise for 48 hours
  • Avoid exposure to the sun until swelling and bruising has subsided.
  • No sexual intercourse or masturbation for 4 weeks. Having sex too soon can cause migration of the injected material.
  • No aspirin for 2 days after treatment. If you take prescribed aspirin please inform your practitioner.
  • If your Medical Practitioner prescribes you antibiotics please complete the course in full
  • Massage the penis following treatment as advised by the Doctor

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    You can download the informed consent document here.

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    If you experience any adverse reaction, or if you have any questions regarding your treatment in the coming days, please give us a call on 0330 808 1968.
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