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Testicle replacement surgery

testicle replacement surgery

Losing a testicle can have a devastating effect on many men.

Men can lose a testicle for a number of reasons but perhaps the two principle ones are through trauma,  or illness where the testicle has to be removed.

When a man has lost a testicle through either of these means it can cause a complete lack of self confidence. After all, this is the genital area and it can inhibit how a man feels sexually or how he feels his partner may view him. There is a fear that he will be seen as unattractive and less masculine.

Thankfully it is possible to replace a lost testicle with surgery. This procedure is usually performed under general anaesthetic and takes around one hour. The procedure is performed by either a Urologist or a Plastic Surgeon.

The lost testicle is replaced with the use of a silicone implant. These implants are specially made for replacing a lost testicle. They are available in different sizes with the objective of matching the size to the one that remains.

The new testicle should match the other testicle perfectly. To the touch they feel very natural, perhaps slightly firmer that the existing testicle. In most cases men report that their sexual partners have not been able to detect the replacement testicle at all.

In most cases you can leave hospital on the same day as testicle replacement surgery. You should arrange to take around one week off work afterwards. This may be slightly longer if you have a very physical job. Try and avoid driving for a few days and also the gym until you feel comfortable to get back into your normal routine.

Men who have testicle  replacement surgery are usually extremely happy with the outcome of the surgery and have few problems afterwards.

Like all surgery, testicle replacement surgery carries some risks. These include infection, bruising and swelling post surgery, also problems can occur with the implant itself such as displacement.

If you are considering testicle replacement surgery arrange a consultation at Moorgate with a Urologist or Plastic Surgeon who has experience in this procedure.


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