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What are the penis enlargement techniques to boost confidence?

With our penis enlargement techniques, you will notice a big change in not only the girth & length of your penis but also the extra confidence it brings you. At Moorgate, we ensure your decision is a rewarding one that can be life-changing. Not only will you have extra confidence but the women in your life will have extra pleasure.

Moorgate Andrology is the UK’s number one choice for Penis Enlargement Surgery. We help men become more confident in their bodies and lead a more fulfilling life. We can assure you; you are not alone in considering this type of surgery as we have helped thousands of men.

Moorgate Andrology |Experts in Male Cosmetic Surgery

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We know that thousands of men seek our help after they have tried out penis enlargement pills because they thought they were the magic cure. They realise that they were wrong and have wasted their own time and money. Many of our patients have attended Moorgate’s clinics and told us that they have tried penis enlargement pills and ended up with zero results.

Our groundbreaking penis enlargement surgery makes you feel very confident with your own body and enables you to have a more confident mentality about yourself. Not only can you gain up to 2.5 inches of length from this surgery but you can embrace the extra boost of confidence. This added length is secured by a premium buffer which is inserted between pubis (pubic bone) and ligament to ensure this does not reattach.




Penile Lengthening

Penile Thickening

Ligamentolysis surgery is a Penoplasty procedure performed to increase the length of the penis by up to 2 . 5 inches. A premium buffer is inserted ensuring the ligament doesn’t reattach, making the “package” more visible in shorts. The penis looks better with more length.

Moorgate Andrology |Experts in Male Cosmetic Surgery
Advanced pioneering research has enabled us to transfer double the fat to maximise the penis thickness during Penile Thickening. We achieve this through our revolutionary technique using a patient’s own body fat and injecting it around the penile shaft, resulting in a girth increase visible in both the flaccid and erect state of up to 6cm. When the surgery is completed, we highly recommend using one of the very latest penis extenders; this can add further length and thickness in both the flaccid and erect state.

Moorgate Andrology |Experts in Male Cosmetic Surgery

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The Facts

• Gain up to a 6cm increase in thickness
• Gain up to 2.5 inches in length
• Complimentary premium buffer at no additional charge to prevent the ligament from reattaching
• No noticeable scarring
• Bigger penis both flaccid and erect
• Complimentary overnight stay for yourself and a partner

90% of patients say they have experienced an improvement in their personal relationship.

penis enlargement | Moorgate Andrology

Want to learn more?

If you are interested in finding out more, make an appointment for an initial consultation today. We can go through some facts and figures with you and explain all the different options that we offer.

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