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At Moorgate, our Urologists, Surgeons & Doctors are international specialists.

Some of which have devised the techniques used in our modern male genital procedures. Due to their medical expertise and extensive practice, they hold very high patient-satisfaction and success rates.

Consultations are available with all our Urologists, Surgeons and Doctors including some weekends. Their treatment and operating lists tend to get booked up very quickly, so early booking is advisable.

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Dr Gerasimos Fragkoulis

Dr Abbas Khadra

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Meet Penis Enlargement Surgeons

Penis enlargement surgery is highly specialised surgery. In the United Kingdom, there are few general surgeons with experience in such procedures. It is mainly the preserve of Specialist Urologists and Plastic Surgeons.

If you’re in the middle of your research, you’ll find that the UK has only a handful of clinics that specialise in penis enlargement surgery. Our advice is to focus your search in the following key areas when finding a Penis Enlargement Surgeon:

1) Check the qualifications: Your surgeon should be a fully qualified Urologist on the GMC Specialist register for Urology, or a fully qualified Plastic Surgeon on the BAAPS or BAPS registers. You can check their qualifications by visiting the General Medical Council website.

2) Arrange a consultation: so that you get can all the facts that you need. When you have a consultation with a Specialist, you should get plenty of opportunities to ask the Surgeon all the questions you have, so that you can get all the facts that you need to make an informed decision. There should be an examination during the consultation, and usually measurements and photos will be taken for your records, to compare the before and after results.

Another pro tip – don’t be afraid to ask the Specialist the following questions:

  • How many procedures of this kind have you carried out?
  • Do you have full medical indemnity insurance?
  • Where do you carry out your operations?
  • Will I have aftercare included? If so, will there be a charge for this?
  • If I develop a complication, will I have to pay for any remedial treatment or surgery?
  • What are your qualifications and registrations?

Most Penis Enlargement Surgeons will have no problem in answering these key questions; indeed, they will be impressed that you’re doing your research on the procedure and taking it seriously.

After a consultation, most Penis Enlargement Surgeons will send you a letter, which will be a summary of the procedure that you discussed with them. Take time to read through this, and don’t be afraid to ask for a follow-up consultation if you feel that you need one.

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