VolXtra Penis Enlargement Filler

A NEW penis enlargement filler is now available, first, at Moorgate.

It’s called the VolXtra penis enlargement filler, and is from the same manufacturer as the tried and tested original VolumeX (hyaluronic acid) filler for the penis.

Because VolXtra and VolumeX are from the world famous manufacturer you can be assured of a safe, reliable hyaluronic acid filler for your penis.

How is VolXtra penis enlargement filler different?

In a nutshell, VolXtra lasts longer than VolumeX (the original hyaluronic acid filler). For the first time we have a hyaluronic acid that can last up to two years, compare that to 12 to 18 months for the original penis girth injections.

This is a first, and at Moorgate we are the first when it comes to the latest in penis enlargement procedures in the UK. So why would you choose standard HA?

VolXtra give results that last (and longer than other hyaluronic acid fillers).

VolXtra creates volume.

VolXtra is better value for money over the long run.

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    How does it compare to VolumeX?

    The original penis enlargement filler Moorgate use is the best known in the United Kingdom (why would you consider any other?)
    Now, you have the benefit of a longer lasting filler from the same family.
    Some of the significant advantages VolXtra has over VolumeX:

    • Higher elasticity and cohesivity.
    • Enables the Doctor to create a smoother and more uniform injection flow.
    • The Doctor can mould the product immediately after the injection.
    • Integrates with your tissues as early as one week after treatment.
    • and the big one…It lasts up to 2 years (and even then you are likely to have some product remaining).

    Back to Work? Same Day. Long Lasting? 2 Years. Cost? Best Value for Money. Results? Visible immediately

    For some time now, our patients have been asking us for PRP treatments, usually as an added benefit to their usual penis enlargement injections. We are delighted to announce that PRP treatment is now available, first, at Moorgate Andrology. If you are having penis enlargement injections to thicken your penis and would like to get maximum benefits while you are here, or maybe just you fancy a ‘tune up’ for your penis, this is the perfect treatment option for you.

    How does the cost compare?


    • Lasts 12-18 Months
    • Immediate Results


    • Last 2 Years
    • Immediate Results

    VolXtra is much better value as it lasts up to 2 years instead of 1

    At Moorgate we are not only the first to bring you new innovative treatments in penis enlargement, we also give you value.

    To find out how much your Hyaluronic acid injections will cost use our free Finance Calculator.
    For an appointment or for more information get in touch with us today, and you can be sure that you are getting the very best value together with the safest products available for penis girth enlargement.

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