Moorgate Platinum Penis Enlargement Filler

The UKs longest lasting penis filler

Moorgate Platinum is the United Kingdom’s longest lasting penis filler. It is chosen by over 80 % of all of our thousands of penis filler patients, and it’s not hard to see why.

Moorgate Andrology introduced the longest-lasting penis filler to the UK some years ago now. Others have followed, but it’s not hard to see why more men choose this filler from Moorgate Andrology than any other.

It’s called Moorgate Platinum filler, and is from the same manufacturer as the tried and tested original Voluma (hyaluronic acid) filler for the penis.

This penis filler is of the highest quality and has a duration of two years for most patients.

Because penis filler is injected in relatively large quantity, its vital that you choose a filler with good durability. This will ensure that you get the best value from your top up treatments.

With Moorgate Platinum you get both durability and quality.

Because Moorgate Platinum and Voluma are from the world-famous manufacturer you can be assured of a safe, reliable hyaluronic acid filler for your penis.

Please don’t be tempted to buy cheap, unregulated filler in the UK. Many of these have no track record in the penis and some are actually contraindicated for the genitals.

How is Moorgate Platinum filler different for penis enlargement?

In a nutshell, Moorgate Platinum lasts longer than Voluma (the original hyaluronic acid filler). For the first time, we have a hyaluronic acid that can last up to two years, compare to 6 to 18 months for the original penis girth injections.

This is a first, and at Moorgate, we are the first when it comes to the latest in penis enlargement procedures in the UK. So why would you choose cheap and short-lasting HA?

Moorgate Platinum gives results that last (and longer than other penis fillers).

Moorgate Platinum creates volume both in the flaccid and erect girth of the penis.

Moorgate Platinum is better value for money over the long term compared to any other penis filer available, you do the maths!

Whats New?

  • Our Platinum filler comes with FREE TOP UP TREATMENT at four to eight weeks after your first treatment
  • Fine tune areas without any additional cost of our platinum penis filler.
  • Choose 10ml of Moorgate Platinum and get a 2ml top up completely free
  • Choose 15ml of Moorgate Platinum and get a 3ml top up treatment completely free (Most Popular)


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    How does it compare to Voluma?

    The original penis filler Moorgate use is the best known in the United Kingdom (why would you consider any other?)

    Now, you have the benefit of the longer-lasting filler from the same family. Some of the significant advantages of Moorgate Platinum are:

    • Higher elasticity and cohesivity.
    • Enables the Doctor to create a smoother and more uniform injection flow.
    • Easy to Mould allowing the Doctor to mould the product immediately after the injection.
    • Integrates with your tissues as early as one week after treatment.
    • World renowned and trusted hyaluronic acid filler
    • Used extensively as a deep tissue filler , therefore perfectly suited as a penis filler
    • Lasts longer than any other penis filler available
    • Long track record of safety
    • Preferred by leading Urologists
    • The penis filler of choice for most UK patients
    • and the big one…It lasts up to 2 years (and even then you are likely to have some product remaining, about 50 % on average).

    What makes Moorgate Andrology the United Kingdoms choice for penis enlargement?

    • All treatments performed only by Urologists (very important)
    • Free hyalase dissolving treatments where required
    • More penis enlargements carried out than any other UK provider
    • Absolutely no cheap unregulated penis filler is ever used at Moorgate Andrology
    • Interest free finance available over one year (subject to status)
    • Choice of UK locations

    Back to Work? Same Day. Long Lasting? 2 Years. Cost? Best Value for Money. Results? Visible immediately

    For some time now, our patients have been asking us for PRP treatments, usually as an added benefit to their usual penis enlargement injections. We are delighted to announce that PRP treatment is now available, first, at Moorgate Andrology. If you are having penis enlargement injections to thicken your penis and would like to get maximum benefits while you are here, or maybe just you fancy a ‘tune up’ for your penis, this is the perfect treatment option for you.

    How does the cost compare?


    • Lasts 12-18 Months
    • Immediate Results

    Moorgate Platinum

    • Last 2 Years
    • Immediate Results

    Moorgate Platinum is much better value as it lasts up to 2 years instead of 1

    At Moorgate we are not only the first to bring you new innovative treatments in penis enlargement, but we also give you value.

    If you are considering penis fillers you need to think about quality, safety, and value. That starts with Moorgate Platinum penis filler at Moorgate Andrology.

    • Quality – We only use tried and trusted penis fillers
    • Safety – We never use fillers that are contra indicated or the genitals, watch out they are out there!
    • Value – You need a penis filler that lasts, or you will need very deep pockets
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