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Penis Enlargement Procedure

When you are undergoing a penis enlargement procedure with Moorgate Andrology, your satisfaction and a high quality of care are our greatest priorities.

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Surgeons & Hospitals

Dr Franklin Emmanuel Kuehhas, Dr Greta Peciulyte and Dr Nenad Djakovic are just a few of our highly qualified and experienced team members you may see for your consultation.

Our surgeons are international specialists including leading experts in the field of male enhancement surgery. Due to this, they hold very high patient-satisfaction and success rates.

Your surgery will take place at a Care Quality Commission registered hospital where you will be cared for after your procedure before you are sent home.

Procedure & Recovery Time

Our penis enlargement surgery and penis enhancement procedures are world class. Featured on channel 5 and in a BBC documentary, our procedures are the cutting edge of andrology.

Recovery time from the procedures vary dependant on your procedure, but you should expect to book at least two weeks off for recovery after having surgery and at least a week after receiving any of our non-surgical options.

We have both surgical and non-surgical penis enlargement procedures available performed by world-class surgeons and Doctors. So, whether its a penis enlargement injection, a penile implant or a penis girth enhancement surgery, Moorgate Andrology is the right choice for you.

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