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It is now possible to lengthen the penis with injections of botulinum toxin into the smooth muscle of the penis. This is especially popular together with injections of hyaluronic acid to increase the penis girth, for an overall enlargement effect.


The smooth muscle of the penis

Smooth muscle is found in different areas of the body such as the stomach and the uterus.

Because this muscle is located within organs, it is not under voluntary control.

This is why many men complain that the penis sometimes looks very small in the flaccid state, and at other times seems to look a big larger.

When the smooth muscle relaxes this encourages blood flow into the penis and the penis itself looks larger. It is for this reason that botulinum toxin injections into the corpus cavenosa of the penis also help with erectile dysfunction.

By injecting botulinum toxin into the smooth muscle of the penis we can encourage the muscle to relax , and therefore allow more blood flow to the penis and help the penis to look longer.

The smooth muscle of the penis plays an important role in erections.


The Procedure

The procedure is performed by one of our Urologists.

If you are choosing to have this treatment together with penis filler, we will start by injection of local anaesthetic at the base of the penis, in preparation for the filler. The botulinum toxin is then given by injection into the smooth muscle of the penis. Vessel loops are then applied to the base of the penis and we leave these in situ for around twenty minutes. After this time lapse, we then move on to place the penis filler for added girth


The results

The injection of botulinum toxin is a temporary solution and he treatment will need repeating to maintain results. This is the same protocol as when the toxin is injected into the forehead to treat wrinkles. The duration of results varies from patient to patient, but on average results last between six and nine months. Of course, the hyaluronic acid filler to increase your penis girth will last longer than this, typically around 18 months between top up treatments. The treatment can be repeated of course to maintain results.

The lengthening effect varies from patient to patient. We can predict to the millimetre exactly what the effect will be, however it is a useful addition to penis filler as an overall lengthening and thickening treatment without penis enlargement surgery.

It is a good treatment option for men who do not like the retraction effect of the  due to contraction of the smooth muscle. . We see many men who have this problem and botulinum toxin injection can be a useful option to maximise the penis length and help prevent penile retraction temporarily.



If you take any of the following medications you should stop taking them as follows prior to treatment

  • Aspirin. 5 days
  • Clopidogrel. 7 days
  • Apixaban. 2 days

If you take any of these medications or similar, please inform us.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, by relaxing the smooth muscle of the penis we can encourage the penis to hang lower and assist in reducing the effect of making the penis look smaller

All botulinum toxin injections for relaxation of the smooth muscle are performed by our Urologists only. These are specialists in genital medicine and surgery

Yes, this is an outpatient treatment so no need to stay in the hospital or clinic

The treatment takes around 20 minutes, however as many patients have this treatment at the same time as penis fillers with hyaluronic acid, the overall treatment including this treatment can tale around one hour.

Duration of result varies from patient to patient, On average repeat treatments will be needed every six to nine months, Be aware that individual results do vary and you may require top up treatments sooner or later than this average.

We can help arrange finance for you if required. We also accept all major debit and credit cards too

Yes, it is a common combination treatment for both a lengthening effect and thickening effect of the penis.

Yes, because botulinum toxin relaxes the smooth muscles of the penis, it also allows better blood flow. It is used as a treatment for erectile dysfunction. You may notice stronger and harder erections.