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Erectile Dysfunction FAQs

Erectile dysfunction FAQs feature all the important and often slightly awkward questions about erectile dysfunction. What are the symptoms? Can it be treated? Can I have it if I’m still young? We have all the facts you’ll want to know, and all the answers to your questions in our erectile dysfunction FAQs.

Topics that feature in our erectile dysfunction FAQs include factors that could influence erectile dysfunction like smoking, stress, food diet, vitamins and relationships.

If our erectile dysfunction FAQs have raised any concerns you may have then please contact us today to book an appointment.

Can erectile dysfunction be treated without surgery?

We offer a range of non surgical erectile dysfunction treatments here at Moorgate. These include penile injections, oral medications and erectile dysfunction creams.

If you’ve tried this type of treatment and they haven’t worked, or haven't given you the effects you want, there are surgical options available.

Does smoking cause erectile dysfunction?

Gaining an erection is all about blood flow to the penis When you smoke it narrows your arteries so reducing the amount you smoke, or stopping altogether, will help.

It may not be the main cause of the condition but it is something to be aware of if you start experiencing the symptoms of erectile dysfunction.

What are the symptoms of erectile dysfunction?

The main symptom of erectile dysfunction is that you are unable or struggle to gain and maintain an erection.

Another least common symptom is that you’ll start to feel a decrease in your libido.

If you start experiencing any of these symptoms, then don’t hesitate to contact us and book a consultation to talk through your treatment options.

Is erectile dysfunction common in young men?

It’s not just older men that develop erectile dysfunction. Men of all ages can suffer from the condition.

If you do suffer from erectile dysfunction then there are simple and effective treatments available that can give you the confidence you need in the bedroom.

What causes erectile dysfunction?

When the circulation of blood in your penis is interrupted, you may experience erectile dysfunction.

Erections are formed using blood vessels, so when there is a problem with them the inability to have an erection is likely.

Other medical problems in the heart, blood or conditions such as diabetes may also contribute to causing erectile dysfunction.

Can vitamins treat erectile dysfunction?

Vitamins can help boost your sexual performance and can help with erections. Vitamins aren’t a "real" cure and men shouldn’t rely on them if they want the problem to go away.

The best thing you can do, if you want to treat erectile dysfunction, is to get help and advice from a Urologist. They can guide you through the treatment process and help you decide which treatment option is best for you.

Is erectile dysfunction always a physical problem?

Erectile dysfunction isn’t always caused by a medical factor, it can be caused by something psychological too.

Psychological causes include:

  • Stress
  • Anxiety, especially performance anxiety
  • Lack of confidence.
    To learn more about erectile dysfunction treatment, then speak to your GP or contact us today.

  • Are erectile dysfunction pills dangerous?

    Many men have concerns when it comes to taking medication for their erectile dysfunction. They worry that the pills will be dangerous or cause serious side effects.

    Some medications do come with a few side effects, which is why at Moorgate we offer a range of other treatments to help you with erectile dysfunction. These include penile injections, creams, and implant surgery.

    Can erectile dysfunction be treated with surgery?

    Erectile dysfunction can be treated with surgery. If erectile dysfunction has been caused by a psychological problem, then counseling can also help.

    Erectile dysfunction surgery works by inserting an implant into the penis so that it can either be inflated or moved to form an erection.

    penile implant is usually performed as a last-resort option, when no other treatment has been successful.

    Will a penile implant improve my relationship?

    Any man who has recently undergone an erectile dysfunction procedure will feel a boost in confidence.

    A man won’t just feel this confidence in the bedroom, it will affect his daily life too.

    This will help them perform better during sex. A healthy sex life will benefit most, if not all, relationships.

    What should I do when erectile dysfunction pills stop working?

    If you find that your erectile dysfunction pills have stopped working or that they are giving you weaker erections, then it is important you look at other options.

    There are many non-surgical alternatives which still may give the effect you desire. If you find they aren’t as effective, penile implant surgery may be something you want to consider.

    Are there foods that can improve erections?

    Some foods help increase blood flow to the penis, they contain vitamins and minerals that can help increase the quality of your erections.

    Some foods even contain vitamins and minerals that help increase testosterone and help boost your sex drive.

    They don’t offer a cure for erectile dysfunction but they can somewhat improve your erections. These foods include:

  • Chillies
  • Oysters
  • Chocolate
  • Tomatoes
  • Can erectile dysfunction be cured completely?

    Yes, erectile dysfunction can be cured. It is cured with treatments as simple as taking oral medications or using creams.

    In some cases, a man may suffer from erectile dysfunction due to psychological reasons. The erectile dysfunction phase may pass if they seek counseling, or even by just talking to another man.

    What is the fastest way to cure erectile dysfunction?

    All erectile dysfunction treatments are as effective as each other. The non-surgical treatments work effectively to give the quickest results.

    Erectile dysfunction cream works to create an erection within 30 seconds of applying it. The erection should last long enough for you to finish sexual intercourse.

    What does a Urologist do to test for erectile dysfunction?

    At your consultation with the Urologist, they will carry out a series of tests which include: blood pressure measurement, tests to measure the amount of blood in your urine and a physical examination of the penis and testicles. After these tests, the Urologist will decide which treatment will suit you best.

    What should I do if I can't treat erectile dysfunction non-surgically?

    If you are unable to gain an erection strong enough for sex, or you are unable to maintain that erection, then we recommend you look into penile implants.

    Penile implants are a surgical erectile dysfunction treatment option that aid a man in gaining an erection.

    The inflatable penile implant works by inflating the penis so that it becomes hard. The malleable Penile Prosthesis creates a constant erection where all you need to do is move the penis into an upright position.

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    Want to learn more?

    If you are interested in finding out more, make an appointment for an initial consultation today. We can go through some facts and figures with you and explain all the different options that we offer.

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