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Is penis reduction as popular as penis enlargement?

penis reduction

We’ve all heard of penis enlargement. Can I increase the size of my penis with pills? Can I have surgery to make my penis bigger? Penis reduction, however, is something that’s rarely ever talked about by men, so how popular is it? Continue reading to find out.


What does penis reduction do?

Penis reduction surgery works to reduce the size of a man’s penis. Men choose to reduce the size of their penis because of a range of reasons:

  • Their penis is too long or thin, which makes sex very difficult,
  • They have anxiety over the size of their penis,
  • They feel too embarrassed during sex or around their partner because of their penis size.

Is penis reduction as popular as penis enlargement?

Yes, both types of male enhancement procedures are as popular. Both procedures are chosen by men who are anxious about the size of their penis. If you feel like reduction surgery is something you want to have done, it’s important that you don’t feel embarrassed to pick up the phone and book a consultation to speak to a Urologist about the procedure. You are not alone, as many men are in the same position. 

Penis reduction procedure

A Urologist performs a surgical procedure to reduce the size of the penis. This is done under general anaesthetic and requires a hospital stay and some time off work to help with recovery. After six weeks of recovery, you should begin feeling confident during sex, around your partner and in general.


If you’re thinking about having a penis reduction or want some advice, then don’t hesitate to contact us and book a consultation, where you can speak to one of our friendly Urologists. 

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