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AMS 700 Penile Prosthesis

The AMS implant range are used worldwide to help solve impotence problems where other methods have failed.

The AMS devices offer three within their penile implant range.

1. The AMS three piece inflatable implant

2. The AMS “Ambicor” two piece inflatable implant

3. The one piece malleable implant

The AMS implant range are suitable for men who have chronic erectile dysfunction. The AMS range of penile implants will enable you to obtain a spontaneous erection strong enough for sexual intercourse.

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One significant advantage of the 3 piece AMS implant is that it expands in GIRTH AND LENGTH.

This is very important to most when they consider their options in penile implants. Protecting or improving penis size is always a priority, it’s not entirely about the erection. Men who have had implants previously and lost size are usually disappointed and it can affect their self confidence going forward. Be sure to discuss the effect on your penis size when you see the Urologist.

All penile implant surgery is carried out by highly trained Urologists. These are Doctors who have extensive experience in this type of surgery. All of Moorgate Andrology Urologists are in the General Medical Council specialist register for Urology. All surgery is carried out in care quality commission registered hospitals.

If you are thinking about having a penile implant you will no doubt have lots of questions for the Surgeon, and this is good. This is a big step and there is no going back after an implant has been placed. We want you to be entirely happy with your choice and you should take plenty of time to consider all options.

It could be a very good idea to bring your partner along for the consultation to get a second opinion. After all, they are a very important part of this whole treatment journey.

If you are suffering from erectile dysfunction and are thinking about a penile implant, give us a call today and book a consultation with one of our Urologists and take the first step to getting your sex life back on track.

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