The Nesbit Procedure

The Nesbit Procedure is a surgical procedure usually adopted to correct Peyronies disease.

Essentially, it is an operation to straighten a bent penis.

In most cases, the penis is bent at an angle that makes sexual intercourse difficult or uncomfortable for the man and /or his partner.

As this is a surgical procedure that will take around one hour to perform, you will be given a general anesthetic. In most cases, you can home hoke on the same day as the surgery.

With the Nesbit technique, a wedge incision is made on the longer side of the penis. This will make the penis straight once again.

You should know that the Nesbit procedure will result in shortening of the penis after the surgery. This will be around one to two inches in most cases. At your consultation, the Urologist will be able to give you a better idea of the amount of shortening the surgery will have on your penis. Generally speaking, the worse the curvature the more the shortening.

After the Nesbit procedure, you should arrange to take some time off work. You will have swelling and bruising to the penis and you will need to avoid sexual activity for around six weeks. Similarly, you should avoid strenuous exercise for six weeks.

The Nesbit procedure is a successful procedure in terms of penile straightening, but one should be aware of the impact on penile length and understand this evitable consequence of this operation.

We see men here at Moorgate Andrology who come for penis enlargement surgery after having the Nesbit procedure because they underestimated the impact on their penile size post-surgery.

When considering the Nesbit procedure it may also be worth investigating other procedures to correct Peyronie’s disease such as the Stage Technique and plaque incision and grafting surgery. These procedures can also straighten the penis but are considered length preserving procedures.

If you have a penile curvature then the best place to start is a consultation with a Urologist with experience of all techniques to correct Peyronies disease. You will then be able to make an informed decision as to the best way to make your penis straight again.

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