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How do you increase penis girth?

Sex experts tell us that when it comes to sexual intercourse, penis girth is key. The thickness of the penis is more important than the length according to most women. This is achieved through a fat transfer from either your abdomen, thighs or buttock area. The girth of a penis is crucial to a woman’s satisfaction & overall pleasure.

When it comes to penis enlargement surgery, there are several frequently asked questions about the procedures that we commonly hear from our patients. We have collected several into this page to answer the most common questions about penis enlargement surgery.

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Q) How big will my penis get?
A) Your results will vary as penis enlargement surgery and treatments have their limitations. The chances are that your length can be increased by about one to two inches and the girth by a similar amount.

Q) Will penis enlargement make me a better lover?
A) No. Having a bigger penis may not make you a better lover by itself, but if you have increased self-confidence because of the treatment than you are likely to enjoy lovemaking more.

Q) Can I get a penis enlargement on the NHS?
A) No. Unless you have a condition called Micropenis, it is not a procedure that is available on the NHS.

Q) Can I still father children after penis enlargement?
A) You will remain fertile after a penis enlargement procedure. If you were able to father children before the procedure than you will be able to do so after the surgery.

Q) Will I need to take time off work?
A) With any surgery there comes an associated amount of recovery time. After your surgical procedure, you should be prepared to have around two weeks off work for recovery. You may need more or less depending on your surgery and any complications that may arise. Your surgeon will speak to you about your situation and advise you as to how to proceed with your recovery.

Q) Where are you based?
A) We have locations all across the UK including London, Doncaster, Manchester and Newcastle.

Q) What can you do?
A) We offer a wide range of male enhancement surgery including surgical and non-surgical options for penis enhancement.

Q) How do I pay?
A) Payment is affordable and easy with a stress-free choice of payment plans including flexible finance options for your male enhancement procedure.

Q) If I have a penile implant, will my partner be able to see it?
A) No. Your partner will not be able to see the implant as the penile implants are hidden entirely inside the body.

Q) Can I still have orgasms after a penile implant?
A) If you could orgasm before a penile implant operation than it is likely that you will be able to do so after the operation.

Q) Are there any risks with surgery?
A) With any surgery there comes an associated risk. Your doctor will conduct a series of blood and urine tests before surgery, and your surgeon will take a detailed medical history as part of your initial consultation. You can discuss this with your surgeon at your consultation where your surgeon will outline the potential risks and complications involved as well as the benefits of your procedure.

Q) After surgery will I be able to have erections on my own when I have an implant?
A) Unfortunately, you will no longer be able to have erections on your own. This is because the spongy tissue that engorges with blood when you have an erection is removed during surgery to create space for the implantation.

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