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Enlargement surgery vs non-surgical enlargement

Surgical penis enlargement or non-surgical penis enlargement that is the question.

If you are unsure which procedure to choose when considering penis enlargement, here is the case for choosing a surgical option.
Once you’ve read this why not read the other side as to why to choose a non-surgical option, just so you get the full picture.

Remember that there are no right or wrong answers. You should consider what is important to you. Our Urologists will discuss all aspects with you at your consultation, so if you are still unsure don’t worry.

Do you want your penis to be longer? - Moorgate Andrology

Do you want your penis to be longer?

This is perhaps the most critical question. This is because whilst penis enlargement injections can perhaps make your penis look slightly longer because of the weight of the filler, it is not really longer. If you want your penis to be longer then you should consider penis lengthening surgery. Penis lengthening surgery cuts the ligaments, which hold back additional length. This is an established, well-known and proven technique to increase the flaccid length of your penis. When performed by a Urologist, this is a successful procedure. If you have penis lengthening surgery then it makes sense to have a fat transfer for the girth, because this will last longer than filler and everything can be done in one single procedure.

The girth option - Moorgate Andrology

The girth option

Generally, a fat transfer will last considerably longer than penis enlargement injections with hyaluronic acid. If longevity of the result is important to you then you should consider a fat transfer to thicken your penis. Some men cannot be bothered to keep returning for hyaluronic acid top up injections to their penis. Many men start with hyaluronic acid injections then move on to a surgical fat transfer when their first top up is due.

Cheaper in the medium to long term - Moorgate Andrology

Cheaper in the medium to long term

Penis enlargement injections involve a long-term commitment. Even the longer lasting ones such as VolXtra need topping up after two years. This means there is an ongoing cost, which will mount up over the medium to long term. A fat transfer may need topping up at some time in the future but it will certainly prove more cost effective over the medium to long term. If value and long term cost is important to you then you should consider a surgical fat transfer to improve your penis girth.

It's your own body fat - Moorgate Andrology

It's your own body fat

Many men like the idea that it is their own fat that is giving them more penis girth. They feel this is much more natural than a man-made dermal filler.

More girth gains with fat than filler - Moorgate Andrology

More girth gains with fat than filler.

To achieve the same girth gains with penis enlargement injections as with a fat transfer, you would need to have a lot of hyaluronic acid injections. This is not a problem of course but we are back again to the question of cost. Generally speaking, girth gains with a fat transfer can be as much as 2.5 inches in the flaccid and erect states. Multiple treatments of hyaluronic acid injections would be needed to get close to these increases with a fat transfer.

Have other procedures at the same time - Moorgate Andrology

Have other procedures at the same time

If there is another surgical procedure that you have been considering like circumcision or scrotal lift then having penis enlargement surgery gives you the opportunity to have these procedures at the same time.


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