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How is penoplasty effective?

One option that is becoming more and more popular for men is penoplasty. There are many reasons why? It’s great for men of all ages and we provide industry-leading expertise. Our results in penis thickening and penis lengthening speak for themselves and we’ve helped many men gain extra confidence. Men are starting to notice the facts; women prefer more than just the average penis size and men are needing extra confidence to tackle this issue.

Penis enlargement surgery or non-surgical penis enlargement?

If you are scratching your head, still wondering which penoplasty procedure you should choose then here is the case for choosing penis enlargement surgery.

There are no right or wrong answers. You should consider what is important to you. Our urologists will discuss all aspects with you at your consultation, so if you are still unsure, don’t worry.

Do you want your penis to be longer? - Moorgate Andrology

Do you want your penis to be longer?

Our established technique for penis enlargement surgery has evolved and developed over the years which has enabled us to achieve fantastic results such as an increase in length of 2.5 inches. We have had thousands of patients who have come for surgery and have left with outstanding results, a big smile on their face and an extra confidence boost

The girth option - Moorgate Andrology

The girth option

If you are looking for the best results for the long-term then a fat transfer is your best option because this lasts longer than frequent top-ups of hyaluronic acid. Penis girth is just as important as penis length and our research has proven that 40% of women would prefer at least 4-5cm of increased girth which lasts up to two years.

Cheaper in the medium to long term - Moorgate Andrology

Cheaper in the medium to long term

Penis enlargement surgery is much more cost-effective over the medium to long-term than penis enlargement injections. You really have to be committed in the long-term if you are to go ahead with injections and that is even taking into consideration VolXtra which is one of the longer-lasting injections. Surgery simply involves a fat transfer and then that’s it, your girth is there permanently.

It's your own body fat - Moorgate Andrology

It's your own body fat

Many men like the idea that it is their own fat that is giving them more penis girth. They feel that this is much more natural than man-made dermal filler. Another reason why men love this is that their unwanted fat is removed from their upper body.

More girth gains with fat than filler - Moorgate Andrology

More girth gains with fat than filler.

A fat transfer (via penis girth surgery) to the penis provides more girth gains of up to 2.5 inches. This is the most popular technique of achieving penis girth gains compared to the penis enlargement injections that would keep you coming back again for top-ups.

Have other procedures at the same time - Moorgate Andrology

Have other procedures at the same time

Penis enlargement surgery provides you with the perfect platform to take the opportunity to also have either a circumcision, scrotal lift or frenuloplasty at the same time. We have industry specialists in the field of urology and our patient’s confidence and health are our main concerns.


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