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Why choose Non Surgical over Surgery?

Non-surgical penis enlargement or Surgical penis enlargement that is the question.

Of course, there are pros and cons of both treatment, and there are no right or wrong answers. Everything depends on your own approach and what is important to you.

Here we present a case for choosing non-surgical penis enlargement treatment over penis enlargement surgery. Please remember that this is a two-way street and you should consider all options before making up your mind.

Penis enlargement injections are much cheaper in the short term - Moorgate Andrology

Penis enlargement injections are much cheaper in the short term

Typically penis enlargement injections will be around half of the cost of surgery (assuming that you go for the best filler and not a cheap substitute) and it is performed with a cannula. This has to be counterbalanced however with the plain fact that they are much more expensive in the medium to long term (your own fat lasts longer than filler) However, if funds don’t permit then you can get a thicker penis with similar dimensions to fat transfer for a lot less money.

Faster recovery - Moorgate Andrology

Faster recovery

Penis enlargement injections are performed on an outpatient basis. You do not need a general anaesthetic or any time off work. If you are a busy guy who does not have a day to spare, then this non-surgical penis enlargement option could suit your lifestyle better than surgery.

You get back to gym and sex faster too - Moorgate Andrology

You get back to gym and sex faster too

This is really linked to point 2, but we give it a special mention all off its own since gym and sex tend to figure quite highly on a guys “go to” list. You will still need to abstain of course, but for only around two weeks versus four to six weeks after surgery.

No operating theatres - Moorgate Andrology

No operating theatres

If you have a fear of all things medical, then penis enlargement injections might be an easier option. Some guys cannot bear the thought of having an operation, however minor. Penis enlargement injections are known as a non-surgical penis enlargement option to thicken the penis. Treatments are performed in a clinical setting but usually a Doctors treatment room rather than an operating theatre. Some guys have a fear of being put to sleep (general anaesthetic) Again with penis enlargement injections there is only local anaesthetic (similar to when you go to the dentist), so you are awake throughout. (We appreciate that for some this may be seen as a disadvantage).

Choose your size - Moorgate Andrology

You can choose your size (to some extent)

The more filler you have, the thicker your penis will be. There is only so much filler that can be injected at one time of course, but you will have a choice regarding your starting point. If you want it thicker, you can always have more filler added later.

See the improvement - Moorgate Andrology

You get to see the improvement whilst it’s being done

Because the treatment is performed under local anaesthetic, you will get to chat with the Doctor about the progress of the treatment whilst it’s actually underway. You cannot do this under general anaesthetic of course. So if you want to stop halfway through the treatment and take a look, you can. The Doctor can chat with you while he is administering the treatment, and together you can really control what is being done and how much filler is being placed and where exactly.


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