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Oral medications for Erectile Dysfunction

If you are experiencing difficulties with your erections then oral medication is usually the first treatment to consider.
There are a number of different medications that can help to get your erections back on track. Our Doctors will discuss these with you at your consultation.
Some of the more popular oral medications for erectile dysfunction can be found in local pharmacies. Each of the oral medications has a specific mode of action.

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Contraindications to oral medication for Erectile Dysfunction

The Doctor will need to assess your medical history before considering you for any oral medication. There are some medical conditions and other drugs that might prevent you from taking these medications. These include:
Liver disease
Low blood pressure
Kidney disease ( if you are on dialysis)
Certain drugs for Angina

Are there any side effects?

Most medications have side effects, although not all patients will experience them. Oral medication for erectile dysfunction can have side effects. These could include:
Headache (A common side effect reported by men)
Runny nose
One side effect that you should be aware of is Priapism. This is when your erection will not go down. It can be painful and may require medical intervention, if your erection lasts longer than four hours. If your erection will not go down you should seek medical advice without delay.

Will they work for me ?

These medications are very effective and are taken successfully by men throughout the world for erectile dysfunction. It should be said that these medications should only be taken on the advice from a Doctor. It may take a little time for the Doctor to find the optimum dose for you and the right oral medication. The Doctor will monitor your progress with you and be available for any advice that you need.
Be warned about buying remedies online for erectile dysfunction. Some may be very harmful.
In any event if you have erection problems then you should seek medical advice as it could be the sign of another illness or disease.

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I have ED, what should I do?

The most important step is to seek advice from a qualified Doctor. Contact us today to arrange for a medical assessment consultation so that we can help you get your erections back as soon as possible.

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