There are many reasons why a man may be experiencing erectile dysfunction (ED) – it may be due to illness, such as multiple sclerosis and epilepsy, or to an injury close to the spine. There may not even be a logical explanation.

And when this happens, ED can become frustrating and embarrassing for the sufferer and the subject can often be taboo between couples and families. This can result in the sufferer becoming angry and withdrawn, with a reluctance to open up – an entirely normal reaction to something that can feel life-changing.

Thanks to advances in medicine and technology, there is now a permanent solution to ED – three different kinds of penile prostheses by Rigicon. And at Moorgate Andrology, we are here to help you with your decision when it comes to the best penile prosthesis for you, and to help guide you through the implantation surgery process.

The Infla®10 range starts with the Infla®10 X, which has been designed by urologists with decades of experience and with the safety of the patient at the forefront.

Infla®10 X

In simple terms, the Infla®10 X – a three-piece penile implant – consists of inflatable cylinders inside the shaft of the penis, a fluid reservoir under the abdominal wall and a pump inside the scrotum. It is also a closed-circuit hydraulic system working with saline.

If you are suffering from chronic or organic erectile dysfunction, the Infla®10 X could be the right solution for you.

Features and benefits of the Infla®10 X

These include:

  • Natural distal tips – designed to fit under the mid-glans penis comfortably
  • A propriety fourth layer – this increases cylinder surface and offers a potential solution to erosion, which may cause the prosthesis to malfunction
  • RapidPump™ – this is incredibly soft and offers increased ease and speed when inflating/deflating the device
  • AdaptiveReservoir™ – the shape of the reservoir will take the shape of the implantation site, providing comfort following the surgery and reducing the risk of involuntary inflation
  • HydroShield™ Coating – there is a hydrophilic coating which helps with easier implantation and creates a more tailored implant
  • Low angle exit tubing – this enables easier proximal implantation
  • Great concealment and natural feeling – it won’t be noticeable that you have the device inside you
  • Provides a natural feel, when both inflated and deflated
  • Will inflate rapidly and deflate with a single touch – this prevents long waits and enhances sexual experience
  • No effect to orgasm and ejaculation – it may also still be possible to father a child, if that is something you are hoping for
  • EasyClick™ Connectors – the tubes are designed and manufactured so they will not kink and requires no further tools for assembly

Infla®10™ AX

The Infla®10™ AX differs from the Infla®10™ X in that it comes with anatomical expansion, which is designed to provide girth and length expansion – which goes a long way to address any concerns a patient may have about penile length following the implantation surgery.

The anatomical expansion cylinders, as well as increasing girth size, also offers up to 25% more length. Of course, this would depend on the patient’s anatomy, but more about this would be discussed at consultation stage. This is on top of the shared features and benefits with the Infla®10™ X.

Infla®10 NarrowBody™

Infla®10 NarrowBody™ is specifically designed for patients with scarred or stenotic corpora secondary to corporal fibrosis – which can occur after severe penile trauma, Peyronie’s disease or chronic intracavernous injection of vasoactive drugs (including in an emergency setting).

Whilst the Infla10® products are appropriate for most men, the NarrowBody™ helps when dilation of the corpora is limited due to small penis size or scarring. As above, the Infla®10 NarrowBody™ also has the same important features and benefits as the other two products in the series of penile prostheses.

No matter what your situation is, Infla®10 is bound to have a penile prosthesis that is right for you. At Moorgate Andrology, our team of experts are on hand to discuss your Infla®10 needs and requirements.  contact us on 0333 009 8619 or book a consultation online.