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You’ll want to know these things about penis enlargement

penis enlargement

Should I be circumcised when I have a penis enlargement?

There is not an absolute requirement to be circumcised when you have penis enlargement surgery. However, one potential complication that can arise from penis girth surgery is tightening of the foreskin. This condition usually settles without any problems but if you are circumcised you will not have this problem at all.

Can I still ejaculate after penis enlargement surgery?

Yes, your potential to ejaculate during sexual intercourse is not compromised at all after penis enlargement surgery, as the procedure does not interfere with ejaculatory ducts. This assumes of course that you could successfully ejaculate during sexual intercourse  before you had penis enlargement surgery performed. If you are having problems ejaculating prior to the surgery, penis enlargement will not solve this issue.

Can I have oral sex after penis enlargement surgery?

After penis enlargement surgery there is a period of time when no sexual activity should occur. This sexual activity includes oral sex performed on you during the first month, as the transferred fat is subject to migration. This is why you are taught to massage the transferred fat during the first month after your procedure.

I am a gay man, can I have intercourse after penis enlargement surgery?

Any type of sexual intercourse, including anal sex, must be avoided for six weeks after penis enlargement surgery. If just the penis girth has been increased this abstinence from sex is just four weeks. If your penis has been lengthened as well then the abstinence period is six weeks.

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