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Why not to Follow the Trend of Penis Weights

penis weights

You may have heard of a trend recently when it comes to penis enlargement called penis hanging, if not you are probably asking what is penis hanging? Well, penis hanging is a stretching exercise which increases the length of the penis by using weights hung from the shaft of the penis. The weights stretch the penis by creating resistance and stretching the shaft tendons to gain more length.

As you can tell, it sounds extremely painful, and it is incredibly risky, here are a few different ways that you can injure your manhood from attempting to use penis weights.

Risk #1

Injuries to the penis from penis weights are very common. People who do this kind of thing claim that they are rare and that if you follow all of the precautions you will “avoid any kind of damages”. They are of course, incorrect.

Risk #2

You can’t move around at all, and even worse if you do move around at all you are almost guaranteed to have a range of different injuries occur through penis weights. So, obviously you would want to go for a much safer alternative, like a surgery or penis pump.

Risk #3

Privacy is required when you are doing this method of penis enlargement, and whilst this is also true of our penis enlargement surgery also, but this is not quite as consistent as the penis weights. Furthermore, penis enlargement pills do not require any privacy at all.

So, now you know a few different reasons that you should not be following the trend of penis weights, instead we recommend that you get in touch with us to get a consultation for one of our vast range of surgeries, whether this be a penis girth filler, or something that will extend the length of your penis, we can help a lot more than penis weights.

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