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Why don’t they mention penis size when you join a gym?

gym and penis size

Don’t worry, more patients come to Moorgate for penis enlargement after gym worries than they do for any other reason.

So, you are in the changing rooms and you are looking good. Suddenly, a guy walks past without his towel and you can’t help but notice he is way bigger than you. You have to do a double take, discreetly, to confirm what you think you just saw. Yes, he is much bigger than you. In fact you can’t believe that what you just saw was real.

Your supposition that most guys have the same size penis has suddenly been blown out of the water. Your body may look as good as the next guy, but the realization sets in that your penis just doesn’t measure up.

Now, you have only been a member of the gym for a week, but you know already that there are no exercise machines to increase the size of your penis.

As you quickly get dressed in the corner you start to wonder why your girlfriend has never mentioned your penis size. Yes, you always knew it wasn’t the biggest but perhaps it’s smaller than you had actually thought. Maybe your girlfriend doesn’t think it’s small? After all, has she ever complained?

Thinking of her last boyfriend you cannot help but wonder if she is comparing, you get that thought out of your mind quickly.

Now you are wondering if you can face going back to the gym again. What about going even earlier in the morning when nobody is likely to be around? That is one solution. Was this guy just massive compared to everyone else?

Issues around penis size can start at the gym. If you are worried already that your penis does not measure up, then a trip to the gym may only exacerbate these feelings. Not every man is born the same. When you go to the gym you will see bigger than yours and probably smaller than yours.

The key question to ask yourself is “am I happy with my penis size”?

If you lack confidence because of the size of your penis, then by all means seek professional help.  If you put off going to the gym because you cannot stand changing in front of other guys then do something about it. Don’t let your penis size prevent you from what you like doing best.

For many guys it’s not about the sex so much. However, the prospect of not going to the gym anymore is devastating.

If you are worried about your penis size act today and get your confidence back with Moorgate.


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