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Why Penis Size Matters in Modern Culture

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When people think penises, the first thought that will 100% come to mind is “big” or “small.” But in reality, hereditary traits and evolution are factors in determining penis size variation, which includes female mate choice, genetics and fetal exposure to hormones.

Penis length has historically been a source of obsession when it comes to a man’s body image. Typically, a long penis is associated with traditionally masculine characteristics; as well as being a tool of sexual pleasure. Size has been found to serve as a psychological factor in many sexual relationships.

But contrary to popular belief in heterosexual relationships, many people perceive penis width as being a more important factor in their sexual satisfaction, with the idea of “fullness”  being psychically and psychologically satisfying. Greater clitoral and external genitalia stimulation is another reason for width emphasis is the base of the penis.

Penis size shouldn’t be what makes or breaks a sexual experience. Genitals and their features shouldn’t be the determining factor for how a person behaves, feels and chooses to present themselves. Receiving pleasure isn’t just based on a singular penetrative object and entails many other factors such as intimacy, positioning, rhythm and more.

Size doesn’t matter?

There are two sides to the argument. Some people believe that it is only as big or small as you make it. Circumcised or not, everybody with a penis should practice cleanliness and engage in safe sex for optimal reproductive health. Sexual attraction and pleasure depend on many other crucial traits besides penis characteristics. For example, sincerely wanting to satisfy your partner, communicating needs, emotional connection, respect, trust, and much more.

While others believe that penis size is everything in a relationship. Surely you can’t be satisfying your partner if you have a small penis. If this is the case then don’t hesitate to get in touch with Moorgate and see our penis enlargement options.

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