Whats changed in penis enlargement surgery at Moorgate Andrology?

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What’s changed in penis enlargement surgery at Moorgate?

There was a recent groundbreaking documentary about penis enlargement surgery and the work of Moorgate.

When most of our Patients come to see us they mention the now famous documentary “The Penis extension Clinic”. 

Since then, Moorgate has been the recognised “go to” brand if you are worried about the size of your penis.

The “Penis Extension Clinic” was filmed two years ago, last month in May 2016. But it seems like yesterday to us.

Looking back we have fond memories of it and we will always be grateful to Leon and to Michael for appearing because they did so much to raise the public awareness of the need for penis enlargement surgery.

Looking back though, much has changed in penis enlargement surgery. Those changes have been as a result of our pioneering work in this procedure. We have improved techniques in both the lengthening of the penis and the thickening of the penis. To prove a point, just take a look at where most of our competitors are in terms of the techniques,  compared to our Andrologists.

There have been two major advancements which you must be aware of before you take the plunge into having surgery.

The first is the lengthening procedure. Before a so-called “Y-plasty” was used to access the suspensory ligament. This was like an upside-down Y on the pubis. Whilst this incision usually healed up fine, it had a potential weak spot where the three cuts met in the middle. Occasionally this can break down slightly, especially if you woke up with a morning erection.

Now all that is used is small incision across, at the base of the pubis where the penis meets the body. Our Surgeons are able to place this incision discreetly in the natural skin creases. The results look much neater and there is much less risk of wound breakdown. Make sure that the clinic you choose provides this incision and minimise your risk. It should be said that this incision does not compromise the results in any way either.

The second major advancement is in the transfer of the fat. Now we are using very sophisticated fat transfer systems such as Lipivage which purifies the fat before it is injected into the penis. This increases the survival rate of the fat enormously. Whats more we are now transferring twice the amount of fat since the documentary. Back then typically we transferred around 40 to 60 ml of fat. We are now transferring 100 to 120 ml of fat. This is why we are achieving record girth increases of up to 2.5 inches.

Looking to the future, we will not rest on our laurels. We are constantly looking at ways that we can improve technique and ultimately improve the results for our patients.

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