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What is the ‘Winter penis’?

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Winter penis, is a real medical phenomenon, so you’d better prepare yourselves.

Earlier this year, people with penises enjoyed the benefits of “summer penis,” which made their tools appear bigger due to increased blood flow. It seems that the exact opposite effect is about to leave its mark on the northern hemisphere.

As the winter months quickly approach, the days are set to get shorter – and so are penises. Not literally, of course. Penises have the same potential for growth all year round. However, heat or cold can cause reactions within your body which lead to your little guy looking especially big or small.

How much smaller can it get?

This is due to the blood vessels in the penis shutting down because of the cold temperature, men can expect their penis to shrivel by up to 50% in length and 20% to 30% in girth when the weather gets chilly.

The body is programmed to be able to preserve heat and energy. So, in the cold, it funnels its resources into maintaining blood flow to the middle of your body, where your vital organs are. But in order to do that, your body has to reduce blood flow to your appendages – your fingers, toes, and your penis. The testicles also retract and rise closer to the rest of the body so they can also stay warm.

Does the weather effect my erections?

So, as the chill hits, your balls and penis will look smaller than usual. Not a big deal, but worth being aware of. It’s all the opposite of the phenomenon of summer penis, basically. Colder weather can also prompt struggles with arousal. Being warm and cosy has been shown to help people reach orgasm, as warmth relaxed the body. That is why you’re most likely to reach orgasm if you wear socks in bed.

This means that when it’s colder, your body tenses and constricts, making arousal and maintaining an erection challenging. The cold desensitises the penis, it makes it slightly less responsive to stimulation. So, there is some truth in that old adage about killing an erection by having a cold shower.

Cooling induces increased smooth muscle activity in the penis. The smooth muscle surrounds the blood vessels in the penis that direct an erection. During increased activity, it squeezes the blood vessels closed, stopping blood from entering. This leads to a man’s penis going from attention to at ease very quickly.

Once you have got in the mood and are actually having sex, the cold can still have an effect, making it harder to reach orgasm. Man can take longer to orgasm when they are cold, these aren’t just due to physiological reasons. Cold is a distraction when you are trying to have sex. Your mind will be instinctively thinking about how you can get warm rather than concentrating on the sex.

Thankfully, none of these winter induced issues are permanent, and are all incredibly easy to treat: You just need to get warmer and plan out some extra time for arousal.

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