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Tips about Improving Sexual Health

boost your sexual confidence in the bedroom | Moorgate Andrology

Whether tending to your sexual health is a part of your weekly routine, or you are more ad hoc, sexual health isn’t just about managing pregnancy and preventing STI’s. According to the World Health Organisation, sexual health and well being encompass physical, emotional, mental and social wellbeing. Those that tend to these areas are ultimately able to have more pleasurable and fulfilling sexual experiences. And that is what we all want, right?

Whether alone or partnered, more sex has been frequently linked to greater happiness, as well as a host of health benefits. Regular sex helps lower blood pressure, decrease stress, and lead to better heart health. According to the study from the World Health Organisation, couples who have sex once a week also report higher levels of satisfaction and happiness.

Schedule Sex

If you are flying solo, set aside time for sexual exploration, whether it be in your bed or your bath, using your hand or toys, videos or your imagination, the important thing is to make sure you will not be interrupted and are able to relax. Don’t make orgasm the goal; just stay present with your body, after all, practice makes perfect.

More Self Pleasure

In case you are blushing, according to a recent study, 94% of men admit to masturbation. It also states that masturbation has numerous health benefits. Not only that but when a man masturbates it helps to prevent cancer. If that’s not enough to get your motor running, masturbation is also the best way to learn your body and maximise orgasms. While exploring solo helps to discover what turns you on, it has the added benefit of leading to greater satisfaction in sex with your partner. After all, if you know what you like, you are able to tell them.

Practice Safe Sex

If something hurts during sex, see a doctor. That is more important. Don’t shy away from asking awkward questions, or divulging embarrassing details. Your doctor has seen it all in our opinion, you need to encourage open conversation about sexual health history with new partners. It may seem awkward, but being told you have a new STI is more awkward. Get tested before each new partner, and during casual encounters, always wear a condom.

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