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Take penis enlargement pills, do you know anyone it has worked for?

penis enlargement pills

At Moorgate Andrology we see lots of guys who have tried various penis enlargement pills. If you google penis enlargement pills you really are spoilt for choice. There are hundreds and hundreds of advertisements for pills, creams, lotions and potions, however it’s penis enlargement pills that seem to dominate the space.

We see men who are at the point of having surgery or enlargement injections. They come for these treatments because the penis enlargement pills have not worked. This has given us a very negative view of these pills as you can imagine. In many cases men have spent hundreds of pounds on penis enlargement pills and some have been taking them for a long time.

We were wondering if anyone knew anyone for whom these pills have actually worked?

Most penis enlargement pills seem to be of herbal origin and significantly not many, if any,  have any scientific evidence of efficacy. Can herbs really increase penis size? We are not so sure and our patients would tell you a firm “no”.

In all the years that we have worked in penis enlargement surgery we can honestly say that we have never met one man who has told us that penis enlargement pills have worked for him.

The day will come, eventually, when some miracle pill is discovered and when that day comes the whole world will wake up to headline news.

A discussion about penis enlargement pills would not be complete without mentioning the placebo effect. We know from medicine that this really does work. You take the pill and lo and behold you look at your penis and you’re convinced that it’s bigger. It’s a bit like taking antibiotics when you have a virus. Everyone knows that they don’t work for a virus but you are convinced that the antibiotics did the trick even through the truth is your body healed itself. This is probably the worst trap of all to fall into.

The nature of penis enlargement is that you can hardly ask for a recommendation. Most men buying penis enlargement pills are probably buying them based only on their own research. They are falling for the advertising spiel just as much as the next guy. Perhaps the secret is to ask for the scientific evidence and when that is not forthcoming keep your money in your pocket and trust science.

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