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She can’t feel my penis anymore

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Just when the kids are getting that little bit older and you have got past the nappies and bottle feeding, your wife drops the bombshell that sex is just not the same. Just when you seem to finally have a little time together, when the kids are now sleeping though the night, she tells you that “it’s alright for you”.

What the hell are you supposed to say?

Your penis has not shrunk,  the sex is the same as it always was, you are not asking for anything different. No, the stark reality is that the kids have left one huge canal that not even your decent penis size can fill. The penny drops that you are never ever going to be able to fill that canal, ever again.

Your wife can still have an orgasm, but it’s not through intercourse. That doesn’t cut it for you. When you are having intercourse you just know she is not enjoying it. You know that she might be thinking of what she has to do next for the kids, somehow that makes you feel selfish and you rush the sex because you know deep down she wants it over. It doesn’t matter what position you try, anyway, she is no longer interested in anything but missionary.

Life cannot go on like that.

The last two births were difficult for your wife. You cannot ask her to go and get one of those vaginal tightening operations. She has been through enough already. Anyway, she would be devastated if you did.

You are not going to have penile enlargement surgery either. You have a business to run and you are already working six days a week as it is to keep things ticking over.

Secretly, you have googled solutions including everything from pelvic floor exercises to just giving up.

What about those penis thickening injections? Maybe, just maybe, if you could get a bit more girth things might be better. At least you can take the initiative and try, anything is worth a try.

Suddenly, you start thinking about your penis size. You have never thought about it before. Surely, it can’t be small can it? Having never seen another guys penis you don’t REALLY know. Your memory tries to take you back to your football days and those changing rooms, it’s no use, it was too long ago.

Well, if penis size does matter, you are going to find out, you are going to find out today.

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