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Thinking about penis thickening? Make sure you check your length first.

At Moorgate, we see all sizes and shapes of the penis. Some penis are very small indeed, and some very large.

Of course, by definition most are small. Significantly, most men choose to have length and girth surgery done together, and this is no coincidence.

We all know that girth is the most important aspect when it comes to sex with women. All sex experts agree that you have to have the good girth to perform at your best.

However, you should not overlook the importance of at least some length to your penis, lets look at why this is important.

If your penis is very short, then putting in either fat or dermal filler will increase the girth, but the penis can look a little odd frankly if you don’t have sufficient length. It can make the shaft look at bit “stubby”.

The very best results overall come from a penis with decent length to start with. It is also easier for the Doctor or Andrologist to really give the penis good overall shape if he has some length to work with.

Our Andrologists will recommend length surgery in addition to thickening where the penis is very short. If we don’t do this we run the risk of the patient not being happy with the outcome.

In cases where the penis is very short, it may not be possible to add significant amounts of dermal filler or fat simply because we run out of space to put the material in.

If you think your penis looks very short then you should have a consultation with an Andrologist to get an assessment of the possibilities first.

Penis lengthening surgery, when performed by Specially trained Urologists, can increase penis length by up to 2 inches. This makes a huge difference to an otherwise small penis. This then forms the base for a great penis thickening result.

At Moorgate Andrology around 75 % of patients choose length and girth surgery to be done at the same time.

Penis lengthening surgery increases the flaccid length but it can make a slight difference to the erect length too, but only around 1 centimetre. More erect gains can be made by using a device after the lengthening surgery has been completed. These devices are usually started around four to six weeks after the penis enlargement surgery has been carried out.

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