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Penis surgery: The questions people don’t ask

penis surgery

What penis surgery is available?

Penis enlargement surgery continues to be the most requested procedure in penis surgery generally. It is now possible to increase both the length and girth of the penis in one operation. Other penis enhancing procedures include penile implants.  These are devices that mechanically stimulate an erection when a man cannot get one, or maintain one, naturally. Other male genital procedures include Scrotoplasty to lift a sagging scrotum (common with ageing) and testicle replacement surgery. These procedures are usually performed by Urologists who are specialists in this type of surgery. Most procedures, especially cosmetic ones such as penis enlargement surgery, are carried out privately.

 Is penis surgery worth it?

Penis enlargement surgery can give an incredible boost in self-confidence for those men lacking in penis length and girth. Men who are worried about their penis size can increase the length and girth of their penis. Many men put off sexual relationships due to their penis size. Penis enlargement surgery is not available on the National Health Service and it is a surgery that men have to fund themselves.

Is penis surgery a long-term option?

Penis lengthening surgery is a permanent option to increase the length of the penis. This is done by cutting the suspensory ligament from its attachments to the pubic bone. Once this ligament has been cut there should be no need to have the surgery repeated. In most cases Urologists insert a silicone buffer to prevent the ligament from re-attaching to the pubic bone. Surgery to thicken the penis is carried out in a fat transfer procedure. This is the longest lasting girth increase option available to thicken a penis, and remains the most common option. Other procedures such as penis thickening injections are available but these procedures have to be repeated about once every year to maintain results.

Why is penis surgery the best option?

Penis enlargement surgery gives lasting results. This is why it remains the most common  option to increase penis size in the United Kingdom today. Penis enlargement surgery is the most expensive option to increase penis size initially, but because repeat procedures annually are not required unlike penis enlargement injections, they are the cheapest option over the long term. Most men want an option that lasts. In the case of lengthening of the penis, cutting the suspensory ligament is a minor surgical procedure. When ligamentosis surgery is being performed the additional cost to transfer fat to the penis is comparatively small.

Can penis surgery benefit young men?

Many young men choose to have penis enlargement surgery. In many cases men put off sexual relationships when they are young because they feel that their penis does not measure up. This causes a lot of anxiety at a time when a man is at his sexual prime. It is not just sex that is affected. Many young men like to play sports or keep fit at the gym. In most cases these activities are severely affected due to fears of ridicule in the changing rooms.

Can penis surgery benefit elderly men?

It is not just young men who have penis enlargement surgery. Lots of men go to penis enlargement clinics when they are older. In some cases this is because they find themselves single once again and want to make the best of themselves as they look for a new partner. For other men it’s just a  question of timing. For them, their penis size has always been a concern. However, in their younger years they were focused on bringing up a family and it’s only when this job is done that they find themselves with extra funds to do the operation.

Generally speaking more and more men of all ages are having cosmetic surgery. Penis surgery is one of those procedures that has caught the imagination of men of all ages.

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